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Once in Space
Hempuli, Arvi TeikariPlatformer7.26 MBClick here to download

Once in Space is a platformer by Arvi Teikari with emphasis on collecting stars to complete each level. The challenge is to figure out how to approach them, as most stars can only be acquired when your character is oriented in a certain direction as indicated by the small red arrows.

Use the cursor keys to move, and tap the left shift key to jump. Hold the control key to change gravity, though this is only possible on platforms with rounded edges marked red. Press Y and control to change key configuration settings. The game features music by Nifflas.

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One More Time
Chris NimmoPlatformer0.73 MBClick here to download

One More Time is a new platformer by Chris Nimmo developed in roughly six hours for The Daily Click's Time competition.

Essentially a single-screen platformer which involves the act of coin collecting, your character starts out at a different location after each pass of the level. Subsequent runs are made much more difficult as you're required not to overlap any of the attempts you've made.

Operator Status
NifflasPlatformer35.4 MBClick here to download

Operator Status and ModArchive Story are technically prequels to Within a Deep Forest, featuring the same bouncing physics and difficult challenges. Anyone looking for a continuation to the tale will certainly be pleased by both of these releases.

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