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Virtanen GamesPlatformer5.17 MBClick here to download

The developers of Painajainen had noted that this platformer was partly inspired by both of autofish's earlier efforts, namely seiklus and velella. Made in two weeks for a Finnish game competition, it chronicles the story of a boy trapped in his own dream.

Finding and getting butterflies to follow your character grants you special powers, with subtle hints on each ability provided on the same screen. Press enter to access the map and a progress chart. A few bugs exist but can easily be solved by pressing the E key for a quick return to the starting point. The save game area is located just next to it.

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Svante Danielsson, Jonas ErikssonPlatformer18.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Pandaland is a short 2D platformer created by Svante Danielsson using Game Maker, with music and level design contribution provided by Jonas Eriksson and Nils Vaernö. There are only four levels to play, but credits should go to the developers for keeping the adventure short enough without overstaying its welcome. A challenging hard mode is also revealed once you've beaten the one and only boss encounter in the game.

Being a Game Maker production, you can switch between full screen and windowed mode using the F4 function key at any time.


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Paper Moon Gamma3D Version
Infinite Ammo, Adam Atomic, Adam SaltsmanPlatformer21.5 MBClick here to download

Paper Moon is a short platformer which lasts for only five minutes, featuring artwork by the developer of Nano and Gravity Hook. In it, players run through a couple of small levels in search of apples, bananas and cherries for points before time runs out.

Use the arrow keys to move, press the space key to jump and tap the X key to bring objects to the foreground or background. The O, P, K and L keys can be used to adjust the 3D effects. Hold the Left Alt and F4 key to quit with immediate effect.


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Tom VinePlatformer1.72 MBClick here to download

Paroxysm is a platformer by Tom Vine which is reminiscent of the early Prince of Persia series. Guide an unnamed explorer deeper into a dangerous maze, as he seeks to find an exit among the traps and dangers laid out with the intent to end the adventures of many brave explorers.

Slightly frustrating at times but the difficulty can be adjusted to your liking.

Additional files/mirrors

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Jesse VenbruxPlatformer6.16 MBClick here to download

Pazzon is a short 2D exploration platformer by the prolific Jesse Venbrux, featuring blocky graphics and the use of high contrast for colours. The game starts off with a simple premise, and as you meet the denizens of this dream world you'll learn more about their history and perhaps even acquire a special ability or two along the way.

Note that the protagonist can execute multiple jumps in the air by tapping the up cursor key repeatedly.


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Pixel Warlords
Jan Willem NijmanPlatformer0.98 MBClick here to download

Pixel Warlords is an experimental platform shooter by Jan Willem Nijman, made using the Game Maker engine. Press the X key to shoot, and use the Z key to jump. Tap the C key to throw grenades. Press the x and up arrow key to execute a stealth kill.

This demo includes one area, and the first warlord to be assasinated.

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Balázs SabranskyPlatformer3.17 MBClick here to download

pixelProject is a short 2D platformer consisting of four levels to play in the public beta release. Created with Game Maker, the story is about a hero who has to collect coins for points and reach the end of a stage without losing all of his hearts. You can smash or push certain crates by running towards them, which will sometimes reveal paths to secret locations that harbour more coins to retrieve.

Additional files/mirrors

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Plasma Warrior  
Tom VinePlatformer0.89 MBClick here to download

Plasma Warrior is a retro 2D platformer created by Tom Vine, where only seven different colours are used in the entire game. Your task is to guide a robot on an exploration mission to uncover the mystery of an abandoned mining operation.

Use the cursor keys to move, press the shift key to jump and hold the left control key to shoot. The down arrow key can be used to read signs or enter doors as well. Press the alternate and enter key at the same time to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Additional files/mirrors

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Pogo Fred: Chapter 1
Chris RazPlatformer19.0 MBCurrently unavailable

Pogo Fred: Chapter 1 is a platform adventure featuring blue pyjama wearing Fred and his friend Adrian the Pogostick. Fred has no idea where he is, or what has gone on, but eventually with your help, he will learn the truth.

Pogo Fred is coded in Blitzmax with music written in MilkyTracker and most of the graphics drawn in Macromedia Flash, then edited in Paintshop Pro X. Just like Within a Deep Forest, your character is always in a perpetual vertical motion throughout the entire game. Hold the down arrow key to lower your bounce height, or use the up arrow key to jump higher. Press the S key to stomp on enemies.

There's quite a number of stuff to collect and even secret areas to discover in this one.

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Team PolarityPlatformer89.0 MBClick here to download

Polarity is a short platformer which uses the concept of magnetism to form traps and puzzles for the players to solve. The cursor or W, A, S and D keys can be used to move your character around, while pressing the space key will cause him to jump. Use the Z key to change the polarity of your suit, and hold the X key to increase it's magnetic field. These abilities are only available once you have acquired the necessary pieces for your suit.

There is a healthy number of save points, and the game only consists of five levels.

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