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Sad Moon Mission
Jan Willem NijmanPlatformer2.27 MBClick here to download

Sad Moon Mission tells the tale of an astronaut who was left behind by an expedition team headed into space. This is where you intervene by helping him jump from platform to platform, praying that he could catch up with the ship that is currently one crewman short.

You will need to return to the ground level occasionally to trade in the coins you've collected for new abilities. The game consists of only one playable area, which can be easily beaten in about fifteen minutes or so.

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NifflasPlatformer240 MBClick here to download

Saira is a non-linear 2D puzzle platformer in which levels are separated into worlds that you can travel to at any time, although every journey uses up your ship's energy and the batteries must be charged first before you can embark on another trip. The objective of the game is basically to search for parts that could be used to build a teleporation device, so that you can reunite Saira and her friend Bobo who is on a distant planet somewhere in the galaxy.

Most of the puzzles that you encounter are stored within computers, consoles or terminals, and solving a riddle usually opens up an entirely new area that players can explore further. Your PDA's camera feature will come in handy for taking snapshots of puzzle hints in every world, but storage is limited and no new pictures will be added when the memory banks are full.

The game features multiple endings, and the one that is shown to the player is decided by the quality of the parts that you use for your teleportation device. Depending on the outcome that you are aiming for, it could take up to an entire day or two to find all parts and gain access to all of the ending sequences included.

There are six worlds to explore in the demo, while the full version offers a total of fourteen planets to visit.

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Savior of Lapratan
Plaid NotionPlatformer3.28 MBClick here to download

Savior of Lapratan is a 2D exploration platformer currently in development. In it, you will assume the role of a mercenary named Dahlia as she embarks on a journey to gather data on the inhabitants of an alien planet called Lapratanians.

The current build consists of only one playable level.

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cly5mPlatformer2.58 MBClick here to download

Seiklus is a puzzle platformer with an emphasis on exploration. There is no dialogue or literary exposition of the plot. The game consists of loosely connected areas that the player has to explore, collecting both items to help on the way and floating wisps of various colours, which should optimally be all obtained. Seiklus has no weapons and no violence. There are various hostile lifeforms in some areas, but at worst they only set you back a little. It is impossible to lose or get stuck.

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PeposoftPlatformer3.35 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Peposoft's Sennyuu is an action platformer that features twenty stages to play, where the objective is to take out all of the enemies on screen without losing too many hearts in the process. You're armed with the same gun that the other grunts have, so it's a matter of shooting first and dodging whatever projectiles that come at you to survive. Past the first couple of levels you'll find that the difficulty ramps up a bit with the introduction of tougher enemies, lasers, barrels, and even conveyor belts.

The graphics might seem crude at first, but anyone who enjoyed Chris Roper's Destructivator will have a blast playing through this one.

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Seven Minutes
Virtanen GamesPlatformer1.88 MBClick here to download

Seven Minutes is a puzzle platformer by Virtanen, also the developer of Kaipuu and Painajainen. The game comes with an epilepsy warning due to it's repeated use of flashing images, and can only be considered truly beaten once the player has seen the credits.

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Shotgun Ninja  
cactusPlatformer1.60 MBClick here to download

Shotgun Ninja is a 2D platformer created by cactus, in which the developer limits himself to a C64 palette for background, object and sprite colors.

Use the cursor keys for movement, and press Z key to shoot. You can only fire when your assassin's feet is touching the ground. Tap the X key to lob a grenade. Hold the down arrow key to view the floor below you.

There are numerous ways to earn points in this game, from reaching the exit in the quickest time possible to eliminating all the enemies in each level. Proficiency with the wall jump technique is a prerequisite skill.

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Sht Game
Mark JohnsPlatformer3.91 MBClick here to download

Sht Game is a short platformer created by the developer of Space Barnacle and Standard Bits. Use the arrow keys to move, or press the left shift key to jump.

An ending is included, though gameplay mechanics are indescribable as they are not governed by standard platforming design rules.

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Simple Action
HatomarujpPlatformer0.23 MBClick here to download

Simple Action is a platformer by Hatomarujp which resembles Messhof's Punishment series. Use the arrow keys to move the protagonist around, and press the Z key to jump. Boxes in certain levels contain a weapon and some ammunition. When collected, your ammo count displayed at the top right of the screen will increase by ten.

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Sky-Whirling Geo
CrostarPlatformer4.54 MBClick here to download

Essentially a platformer at heart, your quest in Sky-Whirling Geo to guide the protagonist across three short levels armed with only his trusty blade for protection.

Use the Z key to jump and press the X key to slash. Tap the jump button repeatedly to flap your wings and fly upwards. A special attack can be executed by holding the attack button, assuming that it has been charged as indicated by a yellow gauge at the top of the screen. You can also stab downwards by pressing both the X and down arrow key while in midair.

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