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Takishawa is Dead
Andrew BrophyPlatformer2.32 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Takishawa is Dead is a difficult 3D platformer created by Andrew Brophy, where players are sent on a quest to find the aforementioned individual who is hiding in a world filled with dangerous pitfalls and traps.

The game is a rather short one, and players aren't really expected to use more than five or six different save points throughout their adventure. This updated version has tighter camera controls and an additional save point.

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KahoPlatformer1.82 MBClick here to download

Teleportower is a puzzle platformer with fifty levels to play, split evenly between the five towers that you have to visit in order to beat the game. The objective here is to collect a blue gem located in the final room of each tower, but to do that you would first have to overcome a series of increasingly difficult challenges designed to thwart the efforts of any brave adventurer who attempts to loot the treasures within.

Our hero can jump, cling to the edge of a platform, or use his teleportation ability to switch between the two rooms in every stage. A trap could appear in one room and not the other, so you would need to alternate between both of them regularly in order to beat a level.

The size of the application window is increased by changing the display setting inside the configuration menu, accessible via the second option shown at the main screen.

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Oren BartalPlatformer22.1 MBClick here to download

Temporal is a time-bending platformer in the style of Braid and The Adventures of P.B. Winterbottom, consisting of thirty episodes to play in total. The game involves guiding a confused robot from one room to another, with subtle instructions on solving puzzles provided by a talking technological processing unit.

Use the cursor keys to move, and press the R key to resume from your last checkpoint save. Hold the space key to fast forward dialog text, or press the enter key to skip entire conversations completely. Switch between three gameplay speeds by pressing the F key.

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Teppoman 2  
IkikiPlatformer1.57 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Teppoman 2 is a 2D action platformer that puts you in control of a caped assassin with a craving for bananas, specifically the brown-coloured ones which can only be found inside a heavily-fortified base under the command of a white-hooded man.

Our trained killer has a number of specialized skills that could be used to navigate around traps and silence unsuspecting enemies, plus he can also utilize all manner of ranged weapons when the situation calls for it. Players have to learn how to execute dash, wall jumps, reverse jumps, glide, body surf, and more if they plan to make it further into the enemy's fortress.

There is a boss battle in every fifth stage, and you're only allowed to continue playing after beating the boss challenge if you manage to meet the banana collection requirements. For example, to pass the fifth level you would need to have five bananas in your possession, and playing level eleven and onwards require a minimum of fifteen bananas.

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The Coldest Mind
Daniel KanabusPlatformer9.75 MBClick here to download

The Coldest Mind is a stylish platformer with some questionable design decisions. To win the game, you must collect the golden crucifix at the end of each level. Use the arrow keys to move, and tap the Z key to throw a knife. A punishing game, thanks to the scarcity of knives to be found.

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The Hive  
Vanni del MoralPlatformer4.78 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In The Hive you play as Alex Rig, a reporter who was investigating a missing persons case when he discovers a heavily-fortified research facility while snooping around for clues. Similar to Iji, Prince of Persia and Flashback, Alex will be doing a lot of climbing up platforms and crawling through air vents to find ammunition or health-replenishing items that he can keep in his inventory for later use.

The taser he carries is effective enough against guards at close range, but only rifles and shotguns can protect him from being overwhelmed by chasing mutants that are more resilient to bullet damage. Both the protagonist's health and his weapons can be upgraded in small increments, provided that you manage to locate the special items required to level up their stats.

The controls might feel clunky and unresponsive at first, but if you give the game a chance to impress it could even suprise you with its high production values in just about every other area. This 2D platformer was created by Vanni del Moral as his entry for submission to the YoYo Games' 'Discovery' competition.

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They Need to be Fed
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer8.22 MBClick here to download

They Need to be Fed is a gravity-based platformer with six worlds to visit, created by Jesse Venbrux in just under a week for YoYo Games' design-a-handheld competition. Your objective here is to reach the monster at the end of each level, jumping from platform to platform while avoiding contact with spikes, lasers, and even homing missiles fired from turrets.

A tutorial is included to help new players learn the controls, but anyone who is already familiar with Maru should be able to pick up the game and start playing immediately.

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This Game is Wizard
James DewarPlatformer1.01 MBClick here to download

This Game is Wizard is a one-screen platformer created by James Dewar of Square Earth Games, where players assume control of a wizard who has to find a way to reach the exit in each of the thirty-eight levels included.

Use the cursor keys to move, hold the space key to jump, and press the left control key to cast a spell. Hold the space and down arrow key to jump down through thin platforms. Exit the game by pressing the left alternate and F4 function key at the same time, or click on the close button at the top right of the window for the same effect. The R key can be used to restart a level.

Collect all trophies without getting hurt to acquire a perfect rating. The game saves your progress automatically.

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Timetravel Bloboid
AxelPlatformer2.67 MBClick here to download

Timetravel Bloboid is a platformer with a rewind time feature that is pretty much the fad these days. Use the cursor keys to move your character, jump or activate switches. Hold the space key to turn back the clock, though this action will drain your energy at an alarming rate. Collect vials of green liquid to restore your energy meter.

The exit is only accessible once all coins in each level has been acquired. A level editor is included.

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Tower of Heaven
Askiisoft, Tadakuni Amano, Dave ZhangPlatformer7.75 MBClick here to download

Join Eid, a tenacious silent protagonist, on his adventure within the Tower of Heaven, a mysterious monolith that promises glory to those who scale it and death to those who cannot. Collect secrets and conquer obstacles under the jurisdiction of God, rumored to inhabit the tower, and his ever-growing list of rules, which directly govern gameplay and make progress increasingly difficult.

Tower of Heaven sports retro graphics (only three colors are ever used) and an epic soundtrack that pays homage to the classic tunes of the Game Boy era.

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