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Valdis Story
Endless FluffPlatformer14.3 MBClick here to download

Valdis Story is a short 2D platformer with gorgeous pixel art and decent gameplay, though much of the enjoyment to be had will be hampered by either the high resource usage or difficulty in beating certain bosses.

The Castlevania influence is visible, with double jumps, inventory screen and dash moves worked into the game seamlessly to provide a coherent exploration platforming experience. Use the space key to leap, or press the D key repeatedly to attack once a weapon is acquired.

Featuring completely original artwork and programmed using Game Maker. The demo contains two playable stages only. Does not work for Vista.

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Vampire Blaze
REDPlatformer28.0 MBClick here to download

Vampire Blaze is a freeware platform game which seems to have taken the best elements from early Castlevania releases and updated them for this project with improved controls, decent graphics and a catchy soundtrack. You start the monster hunt unarmed, but new weapons such as axes, knives, whips, crossbows and even guns can be acquired by destroying the many candelabras you will find during your adventure.

Press the X key to attack, or tap the C key to jump. Hold the Z key to sidestep or block enemy attacks with your weapon. The left shift key can be used to pause the game at any time.

Progress is saved automatically after the completion of each level, and players can continue their journey by using the resume option in the main menu. The Japanese language pack has to be installed to play, and the game will only run on displays configured with 16-bit color quality instead of the standard 32-bit. When starting Vampire Blaze, select the second option in the dialogue box for windowed mode.

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Vampire Castle
RezetiAPlatformer41.2 MBClick here to download

Vampire Castle is an average platformer at best, with some rather unforgiving action sequences even at the easiest difficulty setting. Best to stick with Cave Story or Akuji the Demon, this one doesn't quite make the grade yet.

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Kyle PulverPlatformer7.14 MBClick here to download

Verge is a 2D platformer created by the developer of Bonesaw: The Game, featuring music contributed by Alec Holowka. In it, players assume control over an unnamed protagonist who has to traverse between two worlds in order to solve rudimentary block puzzles and reach the exit of each stage. This will require impaling himself with spikes, using marked tiles on the ground to teleport, or jumping into deep ponds to appear on the other side. Enemies which absorb your soul can be shaken off by pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly.

There are nine levels to play in this competition build, and will take about ten to twenty minutes to complete.

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Vivid Conceptions
Vertigo Games, Mr. ChubigansPlatformer18.0 MBClick here to download

Assuming the role of the last surviving Bantam on earth in Vivid Conceptions, your task is to journey across the underground in search of the last refuge on the planet.

Along the way you will be able to upgrade your Bantam, from creating a shield to using cerebral control, allowing you to move objects where you need them to go. You will even be able to reproduce and control offsprings with more abilities than the elder Bantam.

Bantams are also able to dream with amazing accuracy, almost as if they're training in their sleep for the reality they awake in. And you'll get to control them in that as well, which include increasingly harder platforming bits.

This game comes in two flavors. One is the recommended high-performance version that allows lighting. The core version runs without lighting and scales the resolution to 640x480, but contains all of the content of the other version.

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- Windows, Mac
Terry Cavanagh, distractionwarePlatformer13.5 MBClick here to download
(external link)

VVVVVV is designed around one really simple mechanic: zero gravity jumping. Whenever you jump, you take off into the air and donft stop until you hit a ceiling. Then you can walk around a bit, and jump back down. In VVVVVV, itfs not a gimmick; itfs the basic mechanic - every single jump reverses your gravity. Itfs the starting point.

The game is set in a big open world, with lots to explore. As well as that, the game has a number of smaller, linear levels set in this - the idea is that they contain gameplay elements not found anywhere else. As a result, you can tackle these 'dungeons' in any order you find them in.

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