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You Made It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.85 MBClick here to download

You Made It is a new 2D platformer by Jesse Venbrux, developer of Frozzd and the Karoshi series. Move your character with the cursor keys, and use the up arrow key to jump. Press the same key again while in midair to execute a double jump.

The game has ten levels only. A screenshot is taken automatically and saved as a bitmap image once you've managed to complete the entire obstacle course.

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You Probably Won't Make It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.58 MBClick here to download

A sequel to You Made It, You Probably Won't Make It is a platformer created by Jesse Venbrux which is difficult by design. Expect to encounter spikes after spikes on walls, floors and even ceilings as you attempt to make your way safely to the exit in each of the eighteen levels included.

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