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- Windows, Mac
Terry Cavanagh, distractionwarePlatformer13.5 MBClick here to download
(external link)

VVVVVV is designed around one really simple mechanic: zero gravity jumping. Whenever you jump, you take off into the air and donft stop until you hit a ceiling. Then you can walk around a bit, and jump back down. In VVVVVV, itfs not a gimmick; itfs the basic mechanic - every single jump reverses your gravity. Itfs the starting point.

The game is set in a big open world, with lots to explore. As well as that, the game has a number of smaller, linear levels set in this - the idea is that they contain gameplay elements not found anywhere else. As a result, you can tackle these 'dungeons' in any order you find them in.

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Walker and Silhouette
- Windows, Mac, Linux
C.E.J. PacianAdventure1.60 MBClick here to download

Walker and Silhouette is a short interactive fiction game about a pair of detectives named Nate and Ivy, working together to solve a case for the Oldchester Criminal Investigation Department. The interface is an easy one to use, and all a user has to do is to click on a highlighted keyword to investigate further or progress the story forward. Occasionally certain words like leave, think and help have to be typed in, but these situations rarely occur and wouldn't cause too much of an inconvenience to any player.

The writing on display is good, the storyline is intriguing, and there are some clever puzzles designed just for the single keyword system. A windows executable is included with the Windows version, while Linux and Mac users can play the game by using a TADS interpreter to run the TADS 3 game file.

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What Makes You Tick
- Windows, Mac
Matthias KempkeAdventure30.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

What Makes You Tick is a freeware adventure game by Matt Kempke, created using the LASSIE engine. The story tells of a young man named Nathan is sent by his University to find the mysterious Dr. Coppelius who disappeared about one year earlier.

There are only about ten rooms to explore but quite a bit of adventure to be had. The interface for object interaction resembles one used by later LucasArts releases, in which the player has to hold the left mouse button to bring up a menu. Release the left mouse button while hovering over an action to execute it. Press the F1 function key to access the save and load feature. View your inventory by moving the cursor toward the brown bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Wire Hang Redux
- Windows, Mac
Matt SephtonAction/Arcade0.41 MBClick here to download

Wire Hang Redux is a remake of the excellent Wire Hang game, in which you must climb up an never ending series of platforms using a grappling hook. The game ends if you fall. Use the mouse to control your aim and to fire the hook. Wire Hang Redux was written using BlitzPlus and BlitzMax.

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- Windows, Mac
RetrospecAction/Arcade24.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Retrospec's Wizball remake, players have to shoot at enemies to collect red, green and blue paint. Grab green pearls to trade for firepower upgrades, acquire complete control over the main character's movements and also to summon Catellite. Hold down the fire button to guide Cat around the landscape, as paint droplets can only be collected by your spherical companion.

The config.txt file can be edited to enable full screen mode.

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- Windows, Mac, Linux
Shawn McGrathAction/Arcade10.1 MBClick here to download

XIQ is a game about trapping. Your avatar can fire in four directions, creating lines. If those lines form a box, the triangles in the box are destroyed and you score points.

Move with the arrow keys or joystick. Shoot in all four directions with W, A, S and D keys. Once a bullet is fired, it creates a trailing line. This line forms the edge of a box. Use four lines to create a box, trapping triangles inside.

Any triangle touching a line will freeze in place until that line disappears. Once the line disappears the triangle becomes quite anxious to collide with the player.

The amount of points you get for a box is dependant on the size of the box and the number of triangles inside it. Temporary powerups disappear after five seconds, but effects granted by the permanent ones stay until the end of the game.

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