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Last Scenario  
SCFRPG65.2 MBClick here to download

Last Scenario is a game made using the popular RPGMaker XP that could possibly rival Aveyond's level of professionalism, perhaps even surpass it. Tiles, music and sound effects are standard material that is included with the package, but most of the character portraits, sprites and backgrounds seen in this release were created by the developer.

The C key is used for most interactions and menu selections. Press the X key to access the inventory screen or to cancel any choices. A medium length RPG with over a thousand rooms, side quests, a unique spellcard system and even a collectible board game, it's quite unlikely that any fan would complete this production in a couple of sittings.


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Lost Labyrinth
- Windows, Linux
Markus DoebeleRPG4.79 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Lost Labyrinth is a freeware RPG that uses a round-based combat system, meaning that your character will trade blows with enemies until one combatant loses all remaining life points. Attacks are initiated by pressing the corresponding arrow key that points to your opponent's direction.

There are plenty of skills that you can choose from the character generation menu. Strangely, experience points are not rewarded for monster kills. Your stats can only be improved by descending levels.

Items are scattered around the dungeon which can be picked up and equipped. Treasure chests can be opened to reveal gold coins or rare objects, but be on the lookout for traps. Health and mana can be restored by either using special items or standing on pentagrams found somewhere in each level.

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