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DespainRPG26.8 MBClick here to download

Sandfall is a short demo for an upcoming RPG game with a unique battle system, in which the player can only use one character throughout the entire adventure. Swords are traded for guns in this futuristic western setting, where each bullet is precious and has to be bought or discovered by searching inside boxes. Adversaries cannot be expected to drop items for the player to collect.

Shooting at enemies from a distance does not bear the usual rewards of experience or riches, since they will respawn after a short period of time. Money is rare, and cannot be acquired from enemies. A character's level does not increase automatically when experience is gained, instead it must be traded for lessons or new skills by approaching pit fighters and children on the streets.

Press the C key to execute an action, or tap the X key to access your inventory screen. Use the alt and enter key to play in full screen mode. Plenty of potential but little is showcased in this teaser, with only two cities and a small cavern to explore.

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Sewer Goblet, The
(mature content)
Tales of Games StudiosRPG9.43 MBClick here to download

The Sewer Goblet is a new roguelike game created by Tale of Game's Studios, the same group which produced the recent b-ball hit Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. Your objective is to storm a dungeon, reach the bottom level, retrieve the baby, and finally returning to the top floor. Treasure and equipment can be acquired to improve your chances of survival. Once you've reached the bottom floor to retrieve the baby, you will have to travel all the way up again in order to fully complete the mission.

Your progress is saved automatically when exiting the game using the escape key. Press the R key to rest, or tap space to access your inventory. Cast spells or discard inventory items using the Q key. Press W to collect treasure from the ground when standing over it, and eat snacks to reveal their magical properties. There are roughly twenty levels in total.

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Space Funeral  
thecatamitesRPG45.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

A departure from his usual AGS offerings, Stephen's Space Funeral is a role-playing game created using the RPG Maker engine. The story is about a man named Phillip, who is on a journey to reach a place called the City of Forms.

You get to recruit only one travelling companion during the entire adventure, meaning that there is very little party management and individual character stats to worry about here. The exercise of grinding for experience is also kept to a minimum, and you can beat the final boss even before either of your party members reach level twenty or above.

The game takes about two hours to play from start to end, but you have to remind yourself to save often because there are no inns or checkpoints to record your progress for you. Should the random encounters becomes tedious over time, players can also use the auto option to have battles resolved for them automatically.

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Spirit Engine, The
Mark PayRPG38.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The Spirit Engine is a 2D, sidescrolling RPG game with a simple story and a straightforward, innovative real-time combat system. Written as an experimental reaction to old 16bit console RPGs, it took a little under two years to complete and was released in November 2003 as freeware under Natomic.

The game has three separate views that the player will interact with. The first interface that the player encounters is the main side-scrolling view. In this view, the player can see their three-person party in a two-dimensional environment, lead by a floating spirit. By clicking on either side of the spirit or using the arrow keys, the player can control the spirit and the party will follow behind. If the spirit is close enough to certain items or people, the party will either interact with them automatically, or the player can click on them to interact. If the spirit wanders too close to a group of enemies, the second interface will be activated.

The second interface is the combat interface. The spirit is immobile during combat, however the party itself comes into play. Using the buttons that appear at the start of combat, the player can direct their party to victory. The battle screen uses the same graphics view as the main side-scrolling view. The player can exit either side of the areas in the main side-scrolling view. Doing this activates the Map screen.

From the map screen, the player can select adjacent areas to travel to. The graphics of the map screens consist of small-scale representations of the party members on a backdrop which shows the world at large. Besides these three views, there are interfaces with which the player can customize their party.

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Sword of Fargoal  
Jeff McCord, Paul Pridham, Elias PschernigRPG0.75 MBClick here to download

Sword of Fargoal is a roguelike game, with the player controlling an adventurous warrior attempting to reclaim the titular sword from the depths of a monster-infested, randomly-generated dungeon. The sword is placed randomly somewhere between the fifteenth and twentieth dungeon level.

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