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Command and Conquer Gold
Westwood StudiosStrategy1137 MBClick here to download
(external link)

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Command and Conquer's release, the original Command and Conquer Gold has been offered on EA's site as a free 1GB download together with instructions on how to get the game working on PCs with Windows XP installed.

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Cosmic Invaders
X-GStrategy0.74 MBClick here to download

The objective of Cosmic Invaders is to prevent the invaders from reaching the bottom of the screen. This is done by deploying defensive structures, accessible from the bottom right. Once deployed, towers will automatically fire on your enemies. Each costs money, which along with your remaining life is displayed in the bottom left. Towers can be sold, giving you back half of their original cost plus potentially valuable real estate, by selecting them with the left mouse button and clicking the demolish button. Right click cancels selection and placement. Pressing the escape key exits the game.

Laser turrets fire straight up every few seconds, dealing damage to the first invader the shot hits. Missile batteries fire seeking missiles at a slower rate, but they deal heavier damage, plus splash damage around them. The missiles explode if they fail to hit anything within a few seconds, although they still deal splash damage if they're close enough to anything when they do. Spark towers will deal heavy damage to a single invader, but have much shorter range.

This is a substantial update to a preview build released back in early 2007, under the same name. Towers can now be upgraded, and a boss encounter is thrown at you after every few levels to liven things up a little.

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Cry Havoc: Test of Faith
Battle Phase GamesStrategy4.56 MBClick here to download

Cry Havoc: Test of Faith is a computer adaptation of the turn-based tactical wargame Cry Havoc made by Standard Games and Publications Ltd. Use over thirty different units including Crossbowmen, Squires, Knights, Halberdiers and more. A scenario editor allows you to create, save, and load your own scenarios. Play against the computer, against a friend via hot seat, or even over the internet.

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- Windows, Mac
Jason RohrerStrategy0.41 MBClick here to download

Cultivation explores the social interactions within a gardening community. You lead one family of gardeners, starting with a single individual, and wise choices can keep your genetic line from extinction. While breeding plants, eating, and mating, your actions impact your neighbors, and the social balance sways between conflict and compromise.

Cultivation features dynamic graphics that are procedurally-generated using genetic representations and cross-breeding. In other words, game objects are "grown" in real-time instead of being hand-painted or hard-coded. Each plant and gardener in the game is unique in terms of both its appearance and behavior.

Cultivation is meant to be an art game, and mixed reactions go with that territory.

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Curator Defense
dbh studiosStrategy53.8 MBClick here to download

Curator Defense is an excellent freeware title coded entirely by one person, which is already an amazing feat by itself. Think of it as a modern day Dungeon Keeper that offers a new take on real-time strategy.

As the website states, the player must defend a museum from being invaded by modern art, implanted with some sort of device that allows them to be remotely controlled. Install sufficient defensive structures to destroy the offending art items before they reach the storeroom and ending up on your museum's walls.

Weapon placement is an important element of the game. By locating them on strategic points, you will be able to fend off waves of modern art with ease. New enemies will be introduced as you progress, forcing a strategy rethink from time to time. With some proper planning, a maze-like construction can cause enemies to slow down considerably and allow for more pot shots.

Curator Defense may be a little difficult to grasp at first, but with some perseverance the player will be rewarded with innovative gameplay and quality to match many commercial titles.

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