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Dark Oberon
Marian Cerny, Peter KnutStrategy15.4 MBClick here to download

Dark Oberon is an open source real-time strategy game similar to Warcraft II released under the GPL, featuring sprites created from shots of real models made out of plasticine. The current version only support multiplayer games, but expect a campaign mode to be developed in the near future. It is still possible to play the game in single player mode, though there will be no enemies to defeat.

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Devil's Brigade Lux
- Windows, Mac, Linux
Sillysoft GamesStrategy22.1 MBClick here to download

Devil's Brigade Lux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map.

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Dicewars DS
Matti Palosuo, Reko, JariStrategy0.34 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Dicewars DS is a multiplayer version of a popular Flash based strategy game for Nintendo DS. Both single and multiplayer game modes with up to eight players are supported.

Your task is to conquer the whole game field by rolling dice. Each turn you may attack any opponent's territory from one of your adjacent territories as long as your territory has more than one die on it. A battle is won when you roll more than the defender during an attack.


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Power of TwoStrategy96.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Power of Two's Dwarfs is a real-time strategy game that's all about mining and resource management, where players are given command over a group of miners to guide and direct while they search for precious gold in a randomly-generated underground dungeon. When not issued with an order, a digger will explore on his own accord and automatically loot any treasure rooms that he finds, but you need to keep an eye on them because they can drown in water or burned by hot molten lava.

Everytime you discover a new cave (marked by black squares on the map), there is a chance of it containing enemies, treasure, water or lava. Rooms with water and lava need to be closed off using walls and dynamites, and if not done quickly enough the liquid will flow through any open corridors until they flood the entire tunnel system that you've been building up throughout the entire game.

Gold is the main currency in Dwarfs, and you'll be needing lots of it even if just to issue a move order to one of your dwarves. You can train warriors to fight off any goblins terrorizing the diggers, and a bell can be used to summon them back to the town hall to defend your base of operations.


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- Windows, Linux
Alex MayStrategy26.4 MBClick here to download

Dyson is a real-time strategy game in which you must take control of an entire asteroid belt. You start as a single seedling that produces a tree on your starting asteroid. Your tree in turn produces new and unique seedlings which can be used to conquer other asteroids. However, the astro belt features up to ten AI opponents that provide fierce resistance and have their own drive for conquest. To defeat them you have to explore the strategic possibilites of the game. Eventually you can build up very large armies of 400 or more seedlings and witness some epic battles. With the exception of the music and sounds, and the font, almost all of the game content is generated procedurally.

An in-game tutorial is included to teach you the basics. The page up, page down, and cursor keys can be used to control the camera if you don't have a mouse wheel.

Dyson is created by Alex May and Rudolf Kremers, with music and sound by Brian Grainger. The game requires the .NET 2.0 Framework to run.

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