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New World
Christopher McClatcheyStrategy7.68 MBClick here to download
(external link)

New World is a turn-based strategy game that is best described as a mix of Colonization and Desktop Dungeons, created by Christopher for submission to YoYo Games' discovery-themed competition. The Challenge mode provides a different objective to achieve for every section of the world map, while the freeplay mode allows you to customize the rulesets and resources before starting a new game session.

Parts of the map are revealed when your ship moves into an unexplored section of the land, but food is consumed as well every time you decide to set sail. Food is represented by the bread icons (or wheat when rations are low), and currency is depicted by gold, silver and copper pieces.

Morale (shown as red plus signs) will start to fall if there is no food left or when your ship takes damage in combat, but you can restore half a morale point for each square explored on the map. There is limited storage space on your ship for treasure and loot, although the carrying capacity can be increased by engaging in naval battles with the pirates and earning experience points from your victories. Sailing to the left side of the map takes you to Europe, presenting players with the opportunity to restock food supplies or sell any surplus occupying the ship's cargo hold.

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Sean ChanStrategy1.53 MBClick here to download

Nud is a tower defense game created by the developer of Battleships Forever, a 2008 IGF finalist in the Design Innovation Award category. Towers in the game (called NUDs) can be placed so that enemies would have to traverse further than usual to reach the exit point, hence allowing players to change their route and also get a couple of extra shots at them along the way. Each NUD confers a different bonus to adjacent NUDs regardless of the type, and when used in conjuction with upgrades your NUDs can cause some serious damage to enemy units.

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