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UFO: Alien Invasion
- Windows, Mac, Linux
UFO: Alien Invasion TeamStrategy384 MBClick here to download
(external link)

UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games. However, the game is neither a sequel nor a remake of any X-COM or other commercial title. UFO: Alien Invasion has two main modes of play - Geoscape mode and Tactical mode.

In Geoscape mode, the game is about base management and strategy. You manage the activities and finances of PHALANX, controlling bases, installations, aircraft and squads of armed-response troops. You'll research new technologies and use their results in battle against the aliens. You'll launch your interceptor aircraft to shoot down UFOs and dispatch dropships in response to alien activity across the globe. You can build, buy and produce anything you like, as long as your technology level and your budget will allow it.

Geoscape mode employs easy-to-use time buttons to control the passage of time however you like, automatically pausing whenever there's an important message for you to see. Research will progress and items will be produced as time passes.

In Tactical mode, the game is about taking command of your team in various missions to combat the aliens wherever they might appear. Each soldier gets a certain number of Time Units, representing the total time they have to act during the current turn. All actions in Tactical mode require Time Units to perform. Once a soldier is out of Time Units, he or she can't do anything more until the next turn.

Your mission objectives will vary for each mission, and there are many to perform as the aliens' terrifying plot unfolds. You'll have to watch your back, be quick on your feet, and take the fight to them.

The game engine is based on a heavily modified version of ID's Quake2 Engine. This doesn't mean that UFO: Alien Invasion is a modification or even a total conversion of Quake 2. It is a stand-alone game and doesn't require Quake 2 or any other program to run. All you need to play UFO:AI is a computer running Microsoft Windows or a supported version of Linux.

The updated engine has modern OpenGL graphics and special effects, increased texture resolution, hardware-accelerated clipping of map layers for toggling between levels, a new animation system for player models, powerful artificial intelligence, and many other features.

UFO:AI also supports cooperative team play with multiple players on both sides, up to a maximum of 3 teams for each side, 6 players total.

Ur-Quan Masters, The
- Windows, Mac, Linux
Toys For BobStrategy1.16 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The primary objective of The Ur-Quan Masters project is to port Star Control II to modern operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD. The project began in 2002 when the original creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III released the source code of the 3DO version as open source under the GPL.

It has the option of online multiplayer Melee play, something which was not available in the original game. A variety of modifications to the melee have been released by fans, including versions with superpowered ships and numerous planets. As of version 0.4, the long-missing intro and ending movies were finally added, as was an in-game setup menu. The ability to mod the game is one of the project's goals.

The name of the project only uses SC2's name in a sub-title due to not owning the intellectual property rights to use the name. The 'Star Control' IP is owned by Atari, who acquired them when they were known as Infogrames when they acquired Accolade.

While development on the UQM codebase continues, a second group of professional musicians called The Precursors are creating new musical tracks and remixes of the originals. They are an optional package that can be listened to in-game, replacing the original music, or just played with an audio player.

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