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X-It Again
PuzzlehousePuzzle16.4 MBClick here to download

X-It Again is an excellent remake of Psygnosis's puzzler for the Amiga, faithful in nearly every aspect. Profiles are used to save progress instead of passwords.

Much like Sokoban, most of the gameplay involves pushing blocks around to fill holes and getting your character to the exit tile. Instructions can be found inside the Documents folder, with some rather useful hints provided. All tiles are described in detail, for example glue tiles can be walked over but blocks get stuck when they are pushed onto them. Press the left control and Q key to quit at any time.

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Zen Bondage  
Moppi ProductionsPuzzle23.2 MBClick here to download

Zen Bondage is an untimed, unscored puzzle game in which you must wrap a long cord along a variety of 3D shapes such as a turtle, snake, and rabbit. The rope itself emits a dye that colors the object. The goal is to completely change the color of the entire object, though the only reward is the gameplay itself.

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0relPuzzle0.18 MBClick here to download

Ziczac is a simple scoring-based puzzler where players acquire points by making small squares with four tiles of the same colour, or attempt to create large loops for a special multiplier bonus. There are only two keys to use at any time to change the direction of the falling blocks. Additional points can also be scored by placing cells of another colour inside a loop.

The game window may require a resolution of higher than 1024 by 768 to display correctly, and can be moved around by dragging the uppermost area where a title bar should be located at.

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FuseballPuzzle11.4 MBClick here to download

Zoomines is a new release that uses sprites from the popular Flash online game, Zoo Keeper, with the familiar gameplay system seen in Mizuguchi's masterpiece. Blocks are moved around using the arrow keys, whilez pressing the A or D key will rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

This version uses hi-res sprites and backgrounds coupled with smooth framerates. The music is pretty good as well. Available for both Windows and Mac.

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