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Jari KomppaPuzzle0.46 MBClick here to download

In Cameleon, your goal is to capture a board filled with tiles of four colors. Each turn, you have to change your color. You cannot keep your old color, and you cannot take the same color as your opponent. Thus, you only have two choices each turn.

Castle of Elite  
Daniel RemarPuzzle1.59 MBClick here to download

Castle of Elite is an excellent puzzle platformer by Daniel Remar that has the distinction of using both keyboard and mouse for controls. The game eases you in slowly with easy-to-follow tutorials for the first quarter of the adventure, offering hints as needed with the press of a key.

Pick up blocks resembling Tetris shapes and place them using the mouse to create new platforms. Beat devious traps and perform death-defying jumps.

NES-related tributes and unlockables exist as well, making this a definite keeper.

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Cat Poke
Jason Boyer, JaJitsuPuzzle4.99 MBClick here to download

Cat Poke is a puzzle game created by Jason Boyer which stars Molly, a young girl who is bored on one rainy day and decides to go around her house bothering the cats that her family owns. There are nine felines to find and poke with her finger, although some of them will require a bit of persuasion before coming out of their comfy hiding places.


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Event CascadePuzzle0.61 MBClick here to download

Chessmine is a short puzzle game somewhat similar to Chip's Challenge, where you play a small heavily-pixelated character dodging through a minefield of chess pieces with the arrow keys. If the character stands on a space within the capture zone of a piece, he explodes.

There are eight rooms to explore in total, and the game automatically quits back to the desktop once you've solved the final puzzle.

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EcolePuzzle20.1 MBClick here to download

ChocoMarker is an average 3D puzzler made by Ecole, the same development team responsible for delivering the popular Melty Blood doujin fighting game series. The main objective is basically to sandwich blocks of the same color between two other blocks of a different color to remove them from the field. Complete each stage by freeing every single bomb block on screen before time runs out.

Blocks with no color can easily be switched by using the same move.

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Chokotto DiaRunba
Studio RunbaPuzzle27.4 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Chokotto DiaRunba is a puzzle game in which you have no direct control over the main character, but you can select which tiles to slide vertically to create a path for her to move forward. Pressing the Z key speeds up the action, and it is game over if you let her touch an enemy or get crushed by a tile on the left side of the screen.

Enemies can be turned into crystals to collect by leading them towards each other. When two of the bearded red enemies are positioned side by side, they will disappear in a puff of smoke and a pair of gems will appear in their place. The green ones break out of their eggs after appearing on screen for a couple of seconds, and continue to proceed left until a block prevents them from going further.


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- Windows, Mac
Sean BarrettPuzzle0.16 MBClick here to download

Chromatron is a collection of four free games with laser beams and mirrors, for the Windows PC and Mac OS X. Features 200 levels of fun, fifty in each episode. A game that will absorb as much time as you're willing to spend on it.

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PuzzlehousePuzzle19.8 MBClick here to download

Cityban is Jay Parker's new puzzler with gameplay elements from Sokoban and crude 3D graphics in the style that Caiman regulars are known to be fond of. The objective in each stage is to move the required number of vehicles into a truck by pushing away blocks which usually obstructs a clear path to the designated exit point.

Switch between cars using the tab key.

IshisoftPuzzle4.45 MBClick here to download

The objective of Clockwiser is basically to rotate blocks belonging to the section on the left so that they match the ones shown on the right. This can only be done by drawing rectangles and moving them along it's edges, with the pull of gravity in effect at all times.

Special blocks will be introduced at a steady pace, and there are just enough configurable options to please both geniuses and beginners. An unlimited undo feature has been included, plus the doodle city is a blast to play around with.

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Coaster Rider
Sascha SwiercyPuzzle12.3 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Much like Line Rider, the basic concept of Coaster Rider is to draw a set of tracks for the cars to travel on. The Pegasus is based on an actual attraction found in Europa-Park.

Each level can only be completed by collecting all stars before reaching the flag. Accelerators can be used to speed the train up, and the control panel allows a player to tweak or change a track at their leisure.

Hold the right mouse button to move your view around. Coaster Rider also allows a track to be saved for the purpose of resuming a game at a later date.

Ten playable levels and an editor is included, plus each stage may take up to half an hour to solve. Impressive effort from a twenty year old.

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