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Doctor Who and The Daleks
Howard KistlerPuzzle0.03 MBClick here to download

Doctor Who and The Daleks is a remake of and loving tribute to the classic console game Daleks. The game begins with the Doctor materialised on the surface of Skaro, homeworld of the terrifying Daleks. You control the Doctor, moving him with the number pad or the keyboard. Pressing S or five on the numpad is considered a pass move, where the Doctor stands still and the Daleks move.

Every time the Doctor moves, the Daleks move closer as well. However, the Dalek troops aren't quite as smart as the Doctor. In their bloodlust they will collide with each other, leaving behind a pile of radioactive debris which other Daleks may collide with as well. So you'll want to make your moves carefully and try to lure the Daleks into each other.

You are aided in your struggle by the Tardis, the Doctor's travelling machine through time and space. You can use the Tardis to instantly transport yourself to another place on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the Tardis is still an unpredictable beast, so you can't control where you'll appear. A teleportation counts as a regular move, so if you land next to a Dalek, bad luck there.

Use the function keys to change the size of the game.

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Dot Order Tie
Dylan Van CleavePuzzle24.4 MBClick here to download

Dot Order Tie is a 2D adventure game set inside a maze, where your objective is to seek out pieces of a legendary tie that was thought to have been lost forever with the passing of time. After collecting all 999 pieces of the tie, you'll have to head back to the starting point to end the search.

Some rooms have locked doors that require a code to open, and you can find code patterns inside chambers with no visible entrances to them. A full map of the maze is accessible at any time using the V key, and there are even false walls that'll lead to hidden areas with more tie pieces to gather.

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Dr. Doc
Fallen Angel IndustriesPuzzle1.17 MBClick here to download

Dr. Doc is an excellent puzzle-oriented action game that has you collecting items to cure infected Fufflers in each level.

Just pick up the fruits using the CTRL key and throw them into the machine to make potions. Use them to save the creatures. The only feature missing from this freeware is some background music. Press alt-Enter to play in full screen mode.

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DROD: Architects' Edition
- Windows, Linux
Caravel GamesPuzzle12.6 MBClick here to download

DROD: Architect's Edition is basically a turn-based puzzle game very much in the style of Chip's Challenge and Sokoban.

Gameplay involves moving your player character around, killing critters and solving puzzles in each room. Throughout the game you will be introduced to other elements which will attempt to hinder your progress.

This is a remake of the original Deadly Rooms of Death.

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Binary ZooPuzzle4.64 MBClick here to download

DUOtris is an excellent puzzler from Binary Zoo, makers of Mono and DUO. The name may be slightly misleading as the player is not required to make lines but instead link three or more blocks of the same color together to remove them from the screen.

Throw in the challenge of having two separate grids, requiring the player to shift and arrange two pieces at the same time and you have the makings of a fantastic game. You're allowed to swap pieces by pressing CTRL or space, although this option can only be used if none of the pieces has touched another block. The game ends if any of the accumulated stacks goes over the line at the top and bottom of the screen. Some blocks carry power-ups which, when destroyed, may help or hinder your progress.

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