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Easter Cortex
Simon BradleyPuzzle0.17 MBClick here to download

Easter Cortex is fairly straightforward game, originally written for the Retro Remakes 2007 Easter Mini competition. The objective is to clear the level of eggs. Eggs are removed by pushing them together in matching groups of three or more.

The cursor keys move the rabbit. You can only push eggs from behind, so be careful of pushing them into corners or against walls. Also try not to leave yourself with fewer than three of any design.

Press the escape key to return to the level selection screen if you get stuck.

- Windows, Mac, Linux
Daniel Heck and Co.Puzzle14.1 MBClick here to download

Enigma is a brain-stretching puzzle game similar to Oxyd and Rock 'n Roll. The aim is to use your marble to open all matching pairs of the Oxyd stones scattered across each landscape, solving various puzzles and avoiding traps as you go.

Occasionally you will also encounter 'meditation' levels where you must control two or more marbles at once, your task being to manoeuvre each one into small pits on the floor.

The game has a large library of levels split across various styles so there's sure to be something for everyone. The download page has links to versions for Windows, MacOS and some flavours of Linux. - Prospero

Tommo ZhouPuzzle0.72 MBClick here to download

Extremine is a challenging variation of Minesweeper that forces players to think fast, created by Tommo Zhou for the friendly Ludum Dare 14 competition. The goal of the game is to detonate mines instead of just marking them, and if you don't act fast enough you'll find that the mines will start to box you in as the board shrinks ever faster with each passing second.

The number of usable markers is limited in every game, but you can restore the marker count by unmarking tiles or detonating marked tiles correctly.

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