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Lemmings DS
Mathew CarrPuzzle1.87 MBClick here to download

Lemmings DS is a port of the classic action-puzzle game Lemmings for the Nintendo DS. Version 7 has 120 levels from the original games, plus the 100 extra levels from Oh No More Lemmings.

This version also supports DLDI, so it should work on all manner of DS flashcards and reach the wider audience that it deserves.

Liens des Soeurs
Haru UraraPuzzle28.2 MBClick here to download

Liens des Soeurs plays a lot like Compile's Puyo Puyo series, in which the player has to connect four or more pieces of the same color make them disappear. A win can be achieved by creating multiple combos and sending useless pieces into the opponent's playing area.

The Z and X keys are used to rotate the pieces. To use your special attacks, just press the C key when you have gained a gift which is indicated at the bottom left of the screen. A manual with playing instructions can be accessed from the start menu after installation.

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Erik LeppenPuzzle2.20 MBClick here to download

Linepatterns is a puzzle game created by Erik Leppen for submission to the Experimental Gameplay Project game development event, where the chosen theme for the month was 'Repeat'. The objective here is to fill up as much of the screen with multi-coloured lines as possible, since new puzzles are only unlocked if the average screen filled percentage is more than sixty percent for all previous levels.

Some rules apply here to make things a bit harder for the player. You can't press the same directional key twice in sequence, none of the lines can cross each other, and the length of a line drawn is determined by the move size cycle indicator shown at the top of the screen. Players can replay a puzzle as many times as they like to improve their average, and there's even an unlimited undo option for you to experiment with.

The game was made in under two days, and features twenty-six stages to play in total.

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Link-Em Bamboo
RetroDev GamesPuzzle3.21 MBClick here to download

Link-Em Bamboo is another puzzler by RetroDev Games, which is a bit like Pipe Dreams but with all the pieces occupying the screen right from the start.

Your task is to link parts of bamboo shoots by rotating them, ensuring that no open end exists to feed the panda and increase your time limit. Bonus points are awarded for longer links spanning several tiles.

MZ GamesPuzzle2.39 MBClick here to download

Linx is a simple yet challenging puzzle game created using Game Maker. Your objective is to link all of the similarly coloured nodes together. However, as you progress, the number of link pieces you are allowed to use is lessened, and nodes start to get in each other's way forcing you to think carefully how to connect them.

Click a node with the mouse to select a link colour, then drag across the play area to drop link pieces.

Once you've completed the included levels, you can make your own with Linx's in-built editor. A number of user-created levels are also available from the Linx homepage. - Prospero

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Little Space Duo
- Windows, Mac, Linux
JugilusPuzzle27.1 MBClick here to download

In Little Space Duo, you play as a young girl named Lucy who was captured by an alien cargo ship after being wrongly mistaken for an Earth specimen. She befriends a small robot on the ship (which she nicknamed Sunny), and the both of them set out to fix things and find a way to send Lucy back to where she came from.

Players have to switch between both characters frequently throughout the game in order to solve some of the more difficult puzzles. Cargo robots that patrol the corridors must be avoided, else you risk being transported back to the start of the level and having all of your good work up to that point undone.

Save points can be found in certain areas as well, and they come in very handy whenever you feel the need to experiment with a couple of possible solutions for any puzzle segments.

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Casey SillitoPuzzle5.36 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Loot is a casual card game set in a dungeon, in which players are to equip themselves with a deck consisting of potions or spells procured from the rooms they've explored.

You may only move into an adjacent room one at a time, with each new location yielding either a trap, loot or ladder. You lose one of your health points when encountering traps, and can carry a maximum of six cards at most. Players will be forced to discard or use a card immediately if the deck limit is reached.

There are an infinite number of levels to explore, but players must still make their way back to the entrance of the dungeon to win the game and have their points haul recorded on the high score table. Brilliantly executed, but unfortunately the game also relies heavily on the use of a pen and paper for noting down locations of traps.

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