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MaruchuPuzzle0.73 MBClick here to download

Neonominoes is a puzzler by Maruchu, author of the equally fun but dated Colorful Notes. Players are given a number of puzzle pieces in each level, and must find a way to place all of them inside the holes to advance.

Left click to place and right click to rotate. Menu navigation is in Japanese but shouldn't pose a problem to players with a willingness to experiment. It is also possible to select a puzzle piece to place by choosing the option right underneath the current piece indicator, or using the mouse scroll to swap.

Additional files/mirrors

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Karl-Heinz JahnsPuzzle2.15 MBClick here to download

NIX is a decent Sokoban clone with the usual array of features, such as an unlimited undo option and automatic progress save. The aim of the game is to push all boulders towards marked areas to complete each level.

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No Friction
Daniel RemarPuzzle9.90 MBClick here to download

In No Friction, you control a rolling ball that has to collect green dots to open the exit portal of each level. The ball can only be sent rolling if it's sitting still, and it only stops when it hits a wall.

Twenty levels only.

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Not Tetris
MauricePuzzle3.52 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Not Tetris is a variation of Tetris plays rather similarly to Alexey Pajitnov's classic puzzle game, but instead of making complete horizontal lines with the tetrominoes the objective here is to fit as many blocks as you can into the well before it reaches the top of the screen. Players can rotate blocks with the A and S key, but when one tetromino touches another it will then be at the mercy of physics and gravity.

There are a couple of audio issues in this build, but Maurice is already hard at work on a sequel that resolves all of the problems and will include the cutting of pieces when a line is ninety-percent full.


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gedo831Puzzle24.0 MBClick here to download

In Numbers, players have to match the number of blocks indicated by their numerical values to remove them from the board. When removing these blocks, all adjacent blocks will have their numerical values increased by one, and blocks numbered six will be set to one instead of seven.

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