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On a Rainy Day
Shalin ShodhanPuzzle8.00 MBClick here to download

On a Rainy Day is a rather unique game submitted by Shalin Shodhan featuring lots of disembodied hands, paper boats and umbrellas. Your objective is to protect the lightweight vessels from being flooded with rainwater, by dragging any of the connected palms to pick up parasols and form a makeshift roof.

Right click on any hand holding an umbrella to drop it back into the water. row your tree all the way to the top of the screen to win the game.


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The Revills GamesPuzzle2.54 MBClick here to download

One is a decent Uno remake by The Revills Games, in which players are given a set of cards to fully discard from their possession to earn points.

One Inch Ahead is Darkness 2
CheezePuzzle0.51 MBClick here to download

One Inch Ahead is Darkness 2 is the sequel to an earlier released game with a similar title, in which players have to feel their way around a dangerous maze by shooting at walls to reveal their positions on the grid. Hold the X key to move your ship, and tap the Z key to shoot.

Onslaught of the Electric Zombies
Rodain JoubertPuzzle3.68 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Nandrew's Onslaught of the Electric Zombies shares a number of similarities with the classic Windows game, but also introduces a couple of new rules and items that encourages more strategic planning than a usual Minesweeper session. You start each game with a hundred energy points, which will be depleted very quickly by the zombies that you encounter while searching for an exit point. Once the exit has been found, you can use the next level button to progress or attempt to uncover all tiles in the area for a special level bonus. Any remaining energy points will carry over to the next round, and you will also gain at least ten bonus energy points for advancing a level.

Occasionally you will discover items that can be stored in your item slots. There are eight stages to beat, and you can choose to defeat the zombie king in the final level or just retire with a lower score after you've discovered the exit point. Note that the king will inflict a hundred points of damage just by clicking on him, and the only way to beat him is to survive his attack head-on first.

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Opera Omnia  
- Windows, Mac
Stephen Lavelle, increparePuzzle4.58 MBClick here to download

In Opera Omnia you play a state historian who is charged by his politician friend to come up with convenient theories about migration in the past. Basically, you have to think backwards: if people were in this city during a plague, and if plagues reduce population, that means that they had to have had a lot of people in order to survive that plague: thus, plagues actually increase population if you work backwards in time.

The challenge of each level is that you're given something to prove -- such as prove that 300,000 people lived in this city a long time ago -- and you adjust migration patterns that will show how 300,000 people could have lived in that city a long time ago.

The gameplay may be a bit hard to "get" at first, and a lot of the people I've recommended the game to had a hard time wrapping their mind around the concept, but if you do manage to do it you'll find it a clever gameplay mechanic and some interesting challenges unlike most other games. There's also a pretty well-written story over the span of its 20 levels. - Paul Eres

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