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Packin' Plax
xCeptPuzzle10.4 MBClick here to download

In Packin' Plax, the player has to stack colored plaques on a table so that three of the same color are connected either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This is done by catching the plaques using the loader object controlled by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Tap the space key to drop an object onto the table.

You can only fail to catch up to five plaques, though it's possible to replenish your chances by increasing the current level or collecting power-ups. An excellent Klax clone, with only bland textures and absence of gamepad support as minor disappointments.

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Harvest BellPuzzle1.45 MBClick here to download

Pamidama is a rather decent puzzler in which the player has to switch containers around to match each ball's color, two at a time. The challenge is to guess where each ball would end up, a task made much more difficult with the introduction of balls with differing characteristics.

Switch containers around by using the C key. There's also a battle mode included to facilitate multi-player gaming sessions with either the computer A.I. or a friend.

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Pandora's Gearbox
Alex VostrovPuzzle7.38 MBClick here to download

Pandora's Gearbox is a puzzle game where you're trying to get a ball through a machine to the finish area. You can't see inside the machine, so you have to guess what's inside. You have several tools that help you in your task. You can move objects that are red directly, and you also have a robot with built-in sonar that can explore the inside of the puzzle.

There are ten levels included with Pandora's Gearbox. Level one is a tutorial level that should give you all the information you need to play.

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Paper Cakes
HUSCKPuzzle3.42 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Paper Cakes is a clever puzzle platformer in which you play as a character who has a craving for cakes. The gimmick here is that each level is drawn on both sides of a paper, and to reach the cake you would have to fold the paper and form new platforms to walk on or make the geometrical-shaped creatures disappear.

To play this game you would need to download and install both Adobe AIR and the Bamboo Dock software. These apps can be uninstalled at any time with no hassle at all. Paper Cakes was developed by a team of students from the University of Southern California and the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. There are forty levels to solve in total, split into four different worlds with a slightly different theme and a new gameplay mechanic introduced in each.

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Jason RohrerPuzzle1.28 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Perfectionism is the first of many games to be published together with Jason Rohrer's monthly column for The Escapist. This new project was created using Game Maker, and will only work on PCs with the Windows operating system installed.

The rules are simple enough. Click on two rows or columns to swap yellow blocks. Points are scored by placing the blocks inside hollow squares. Only rows can be swapped with rows, and likewise with columns. Browse levels by clicking on the green arrows located at the bottom of the screen. A penalty of one point is incurred whenever the player is flipping through any of the twenty-six stages in the game.

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Pipeful Sunday
replicornPuzzle0.39 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Pipeful Sunday is a decent remake of Pipe Dream, in which the player has to connect pipes on a grid to support a flow of water from one end to another. Using a variety of pipe pieces presently randomly in a queue, the player must construct a path from the start to end piece for the onrushing liquid, which begins flowing after a time delay from the start of the round. A minimum pipe length has to be fulfilled for successful completion of each level.

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Anahara MasatakaPuzzle1.15 MBClick here to download

Pittoch is the latest game from the creator of Crocodile Garden. Join up with all of the other blobs, collect all of the keys on a level and get one of the blobs to the exit to clear each stage. But be careful, as each blob can only hold one key, and once connected they are inseparable, which may make it impossible to maneuver your large blob into the correct position to get the next key.

Highly recommended, this is puzzling goodness at it's best. - oranda

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Planet of the Jellies
Petri PurhoPuzzle6.30 MBClick here to download

Planet of the Jellies is a simplistic matching game with the aliens from Space Invaders drawn in a wobbly line art style. Left click on an invader to move one towards the bottom of the screen. Match three or more invaders with the same color in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them.

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Lazrool, LazraelPuzzle1.40 MBClick here to download

In Pozzo - Jello Crusade, you play the role of a janitor named Pozzo who works for a jello restaurant. He dreams of saving up enough for a well-deserved vacation on some tropical island paradise. Unfortunately, his manager has found out that the local health inspector is dropping by for an unscheduled check.

You're given the task of cleaning up the entire premise ridden with rotten jellos before the law enforcer finds them. Fail and Pozzo can kiss his planned holiday goodbye. A lousy job indeed, compounded by the fact that Pozzo is stuck with no limbs and has to eat all the jellos that he finds.

With the story out of the way, let's get straight to the actual game. As mentioned earlier, most levels require the player to eat a lot of jellos before being allowed access to the exit. Pozzo cannot retrace his steps once he has eaten jellos off a tile. Not a very innovative concept, but Lazrael has managed to craft a superb puzzler that showcases imaginative use of tile design and graphical effects.

New tiles are introduced from time to time, which include a variety of colored blocks, switches, teleport pads and many more. Later levels provide tougher challenges as you need to plan ahead every move your protagonist has to make.

One drawback is that it uses ripped music, only because the developer could not get hold of an original music composer. The game features forty levels and two unlockable endings based on your score.

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Press Tilda
Press Tilda TeamPuzzle6.82 MBClick here to download

Press Tilda is a Unity-based puzzle platformer in which you can bring up a console to type in commands and change the layout of a level directly. By typing in certain keywords, players can swap the position of their character with another item in a stage, send an attack order to one of the robot guards, push objects or even set them on fire.

There is a version of the same game that can be downloaded and played offline as well. This Global Game Jam 2010 submission has about seven individual room challenges to beat.

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