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Reaxion GBA
WiDDYPuzzle0.16 MBClick here to download

Reaxion GBA is a port of by WiDDY for Nintendo's portable console, in which the player has to switch all green tiles in the play area to red. Each press of the button turns nine tiles at a time, and there are ninety-nine levels to please any puzzler fan who are looking for homebrew releases to fill up their library collection.

Rock It
Andi SmithPuzzle0.72 MBClick here to download

Rock It is actually based on a mini game from one of the Sonic Advance titles. Most of us know about the rock-paper-scissors rule, so there's only the need to learn the controls to this game.

Just use the arrow keys to move around the three cards available, and activate them using the space bar. If you match the correct cards, they will disappear.

- Windows, Mac, Linux
Holger SchemelPuzzle3.76 MBClick here to download

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a scrolling tile-based puzzler which combines redesigned levels from Boulder Dash, Supaplex, Emerald Mine and Sokoban with original creations. The game was designed by Holger Schemel of Artsoft Entertainment as a open source freeware title, with Linux, Unix and Mac OS X flavors as well.

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
- Windows, Mac
HandMade GamePuzzle29.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Rooms is a rather innovative puzzler by HandMade Game, in which your character has to shuffle rooms around to arrive at the exit in each level. Only the room you're currently in can be moved, though items can be used to teleport from one place to the other.

The primarily goal of Rooms is to exit from the Rooms mansion. The secondary objective of Rooms is to collect every part of the final puzzle and getting good score, by arranging every room's position to make an entire image.

Every room's background is part of whole image of the stage. The linked background is a hint, which lets player know where each room should be placed. In addition to moving rooms, using right object and items at right time is another consideration.

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