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Same Cube
YamaharaPuzzle7.20 MBClick here to download

Same Cube is an addictive puzzler which involves using the Z and X keys to rotate four tiles clockwise or counterclockwise to make a match of four blocks with the same color. Remove the blocks quickly to increase time, and complete all ten levels to unlock the unlimited mode.

Glass tiles are automatically removed if an entire column or row of these exists when the game is in progress.

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Sandbox of God, The  
Vertigo Games, Mr. ChubigansPuzzle7.45 MBClick here to download

The Sandbox of god is a puzzle at heart, where every decision you make affects your outcome in the end.

You can use each godly power only once. Heavily inspired by GROW, you have many different choices so there really isn't a set path to follow.

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Vertigo Games, Mr. ChubigansPuzzle22.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Shellblast you play as a member of a bomb disposal squad who has to disarm explosions planted at landmarks and important locations all around the world. Described as a mix between Minesweeper and Picross, the bomb defusal part requires you to mark all piston tiles on a bomb correctly before time runs out.

One issue with the game is that the text can be slightly difficult to read on certain wide screen displays and high resolution desktops, but everything should render correctly if you switch to windowed mode to play. A HD version of Shellblast is also available to download and purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero
AlexitronPuzzle1.39 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero is a puzzle game created by Alexitrón for Game Jolt's Shocking contest, where you are in control of a hero entrusted with the job of saving the planet from a major technology-related disaster. Each area has several blue nodes and a yellow exit point, with your objective being to reach the escape portal without accidentally sliding out of the screen.

Players can only travel in four different directions, and once an arrow key is pressed our protagonist will continue moving in that direction until he hits a solid object. There is an additional flip ability which you can use to change positions, although this is only possible when you're standing on either a blue or pink-coloured block.

The length of the game is rather short, with only fifteen stages to play in story mode. Players could attempt to solve all levels a second time with fewer moves, but nothing extra is awarded other than a different congratulatory message for your achievements.


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Simple Tetris
Andy NoblePuzzle0.53 MBClick here to download

Simple Tetris is a basic remake of the classic puzzler, featuring colorful graphics and a decent music track but little of anything else.

Use the arrow keys to move a block around the playing field, or press space to rotate a piece.

Skinz Sudoku
SuperpanicPuzzle2.01 MBClick here to download

Skinz Sudoku is a sudoku clone for the DS, with multiple difficulty settings and a very useful touch interface which should please fans of the logic-based number puzzler. An undo feature is included, and pressing the select button swaps the skin to match your visual preferences.

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Skull Daddy
Christopher MathesPuzzle24.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Skull Daddy is a physics-based puzzler that is currently only available as a demo, bundled with ten short levels and a limited number of tools to choose from. In each stage you are assigned a limited number of basic building blocks to construct platforms with, so that the titular character can roll his way towards the exit safely.

Instructions are relayed to the player via sign posts that can be read or ignored at their own discretion, and you can retry a level as many times as you like until a working solution is found.

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Slime Pod
KaeshirodaiPuzzle0.67 MBClick here to download

Slime Pod is an excellent puzzler by Kaeshirodai, in which the objective is to make eight or more connecting slimes disappear thus creating a Giganto combo.

The number of combos needed for level progression are shown at the bottom left of the screen. Gems count as three slimes, and combos made with the evil eye are rejected outright. You can lose the evil eye by making it fall off the bottom of the screen. They can also be destroyed if you rapidly click on them, although this will cost you five magic points.

There is no penalty for clicking on any number of slimes, but you have to create the number of Giganto combos required in each level before time runs out. Energy can be replenished by making a Giganto combo of any color.

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Snakoban Dash
Tom BeaumontPuzzle0.50 MBClick here to download

Snakoban Dash is a puzzler designed by Tom Beaumont as an amalgamation of Boulder Dash, Snake and Sokoban. The objective of the game is to push blocks onto their designated areas, all the while trying to avoid getting trapped in an inescapable position or blowing yourself to smithereens.

Use the cursor keys to move the snake, hold the space or Z key to activate your unlimited undos, and press the escape key to bring up a pause menu. The left alternate and enter key can be used to switch between full screen and windowed mode. Alternate keys for each action and retro display emulation controls are explained further inside the text manual which is included with the game.

Snakoban Dash features roughly forty levels in total, although the save feature isn't implemented yet and all progress is lost when a player quits back to the desktop. Click on the attached file at the end of the first post to download.

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HellboundPuzzle1.21 MBClick here to download

Sokoblast is another gem of a puzzler by Hellbound, though this was released two years ago and have gathered little recognition besides an entry at the GMG site.

The name may slightly mislead as there's more to it than sliding blocks. Probably closer to resembling Chip's Challenge than Sokoban, your character can carry a maximum of one item which is the basis of all the challenges. Certain blocks need to be destroyed using dynamites, while others are to be removed through the use of a switch or key.

Do note that the boomerang serves no purpose until stage 21. There's no time limit to restrict the player from experimenting, plus none of the puzzles are ever too difficult to solve without a little thought. Progress can only be saved at the main menu, accessible at any time by pressing the escape key.

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