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Tetris by DrPetter
DrPetter, Tomas PetterssonPuzzle0.04 MBClick here to download

Tetris by DrPetter is a rather impressive remake of the classic puzzler, which the author claims to have created in under one day. Sound effects can be turned off by editing a small text file.

Tetris by philhassey
Phil HasseyPuzzle0.83 MBClick here to download

Originally developed for a Ludum Dare competition, philhassey's remake of the classic puzzler attempts to confuse players by flipping the well upside down. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and press the escape key to exit the game at any time. Average at best.

Tetroid 2012
(mature content, nudity)
Carsten WaechterPuzzle111 MBClick here to download

Tetroid 2012 is basically a Tetris remake packaged with twenty songs, contributing over a hundred megabytes to the download size. The game itself is decent enough but comes with an epilepsy warning for liberal use of flashing images. Hold the S and down arrow key to drop a piece instantly. When the circular indicator on the right is full, players can press the S key to activate the Breakout mode.

Screenshots: 1
The North, Pohjola
Fire DragonPuzzle9.83 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The North, Pohjola is a strategy game which resembles David Galindo's The Sandbox of God. Players have to help a tribe survive a harsh winter season by making decisions limited to the four cards drawn in each round. The game ends once all thirty cards from the deck have been exhausted, and scores are then calculated for online submission.

Population count is represented by a percentage at the top left of the screen. Temperature can be manipulated by choosing the right cards to maintain a warm surrounding for your tribe. Certain cards award bonus points, and may only affect proceedings when their specific conditions are met.

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AH productionsPuzzle4.81 MBClick here to download

Tiltor is a game made using AGS, but surprisingly there's not a single element of adventure to be found in this effort. It's actually a linear puzzler that requires the use of only four buttons for all actions, including menu selection and saving your progress.

The objective in each level is to get a red block to the exit by tilting the screen left and right. Note that the only way to quit is by pressing the left alternate and F4 function key at the same time, though this is just a minor hassle.

Features over a hundred and fifty stages, plus an additional arcade mode that you just can't say no to. Deceptively simple but extremely fun to play, owing much to it's simplistic controls.

Tower of Goo
Kyle GablerPuzzle1.89 MBClick here to download

The objective in Tower of Goo is to build the highest structure possible by using goo-balls. Each goo-ball placed has to be close to one which is already attached to your structure.

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Tower of Goo Unlimited
Kyle GablerPuzzle2.32 MBClick here to download

The objective in Tower of Goo is to build the highest structure possible by using goo-balls. Each goo-ball placed has to be close to one which is already attached to your structure.

Train Tracking
Demon StarPuzzle6.56 MBClick here to download

In Train Tracking, the player takes the part of a trainspotter, watching as trains whizz by on a number of platforms, and is required to spot the trains by clicking their number in a list of boxes against a time limit.

The game screen is devided into two. On the right is a panel of buttons containing train serial numbers and information panel. On the left is a station, which trains pass though periodically. On the side and roof of each train is a serial number. The aim of the game is to click on the serial numbers on the right-hand panel when a train with a matching serial number passes on the left. You must have clicked them all before the time limit runs out.

Clicking a box when the correct train isn't onscreen results in a time penalty.

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Joakim SandbergPuzzle3.14 MBClick here to download

Tripline is a surprisingly fun puzzler by Joakim Sandberg, developer of Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns. The objective of the game is to draw a line across all shapes in each level, but three shapes with the same pattern must first be crossed out in a sequence before another can be engaged.

There are sixty pages to flip through. Pretty good for an effort made in three days.

Screenshots: 1
OMEGAPuzzle3.60 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The objective in Twintower is to build as tall of a structure as possible on both sides of the balance by using blocks that fall from the sky. Stacking too many blocks on one side of the balance will cause everything that you have built to collapse. Use the mouse to move the balance around, and right-click to save a screenshot when your end level results are displayed.

The level ends when the player manages to stack a yellow brick on both sides. These bricks are easily identifiable by the red flag on top of each, but will only appear when you have stacked the blocks up to a certain height.

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