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Bob SmithPuzzle0.02 MBClick here to download

W*H*B is a puzzler that resembles Damien Clarke's Bloxorz in many ways, although this version features configurable button settings, great chiptunes and lovely retro graphics that the original had never offered. The game also doesn't punish you as severely for making mistakes, with the screen flashing red if your next move could cause the block to fall off the map.

An emulator may be required to play W*H*B, assuming that you don't own a working ZX Spectrum anywhere around the house. ZX Spin is a free emulator that works well enough with the game. It is also recommended that players reconfigure the key settings to their preferences before starting the first puzzle, since buttons are placed too far away in the default configuration for one hand to handle.

There are forty levels to play in total.

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Whodunnit - Think Quickly
(mature content)
Rodain JoubertPuzzle1.42 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Whodunnit -- Think Quickly is a crime fiction puzzle game where you play a veteran detective faced with the urgent task of finding the perpetrator who poisoned the teapot, from which all dinner guests for the evening had just drank from.

Your objective is to prove all but one of the guests innocent of any wrongdoings, which can achieved by finding either an alibi, lack of motivation or incapability to handle poison. When making your accusation, you'll be asked to explain why each and every one of the other guests are to be presumed innocent.

The stress level will rise slowly during the course of your investigation, but you can stay focused on the matter at hand by relaxing or lighting up a cigarette. Use the F1 function key to view some hints for the game. You will also need a pen and paper to take notes.

Whodunnit... Think Quickly does have a few glaring flaws. Solving cases at the highest difficulty level requires the player to ask too many questions within the time limit, while simpler investigations can be solved just by thinking about all suspects in the room.

SuperpanicPuzzle0.65 MBClick here to download

WordUp is a homebrew word puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, also playable using the nocash NDS emulator.

Use the stylus to connect alphabets and form words. A word must be three character or longer. If a valid word is connected successfully then the selected blocks will disappear. The game ends when a column of blocks reaches the top of the screen.

Two game modes are included, WordUp mode which is open ended and an arcade mode with level progression.

The game works perfectly on an emulator, but contains some alpha and scaling effects. Under emulation setup, choose the VGA option for GBA Mode to increase brightness. It plays better on actual hardware due to the stylus controls.

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