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7th Swarming of the Machines
- Windows, Linux
DrPetter, Tomas PetterssonPlatformer0.13 MBClick here to download

7th Swarming of the Machines is a competition entry by DrPetter, placing you in the shoes of an explorer equipped with a jetpack. Platforms float dangerously in space, attempting to crush you between their walls when given the chance.

Your objective is to collect all the jetpack items indicated by the radar on the top left of the screen. The jetpack boost can be activated by pressing the Z key, and certain tiles can be shot at using the X key.

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A Game with a Kitty  
BerniePlatformer2.86 MBClick here to download

A Game with a Kitty is an excellent platformer developed by Bernie in two weeks. The premise is simple, guide Kittey on a quest to investigate the mysterious tower that has magically appeared on the outskirts of his hometown.

The cute little protagonist can jump on enemies to eliminate them. Collect coins to unlock special skills and access unexplored areas, while health can be restored at save points.

A Game with a Kitty 2: Darkside Adventures  
BerniePlatformer14.7 MBClick here to download

In A Game with a Kitty 2: Darkside Adventures, you take on the role of an Arch-Chancellor on a quest to retrieve the lost crown, which equates to plenty of jumping and throwing stuff around.

The protagonist of the story can use the stars collected as weapons, but his inventory capacity will only allow up to thirty of them to be stuffed into his deep pockets. Special skills are awarded for surviving boss encounters, though certain jumps are pretty difficult to execute properly. The game consists of only four major locations in total, with an average of four to five short levels assigned to each.

There are several tough puzzles to figure out but nothing too perplexing with a bit of thought. Needless to say, a recommended download for fans of classic NES titles especially the Mario series.

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A Mini Falafel Adventure
Chris NimmoPlatformer0.72 MBClick here to download

A Mini Falafel Adventure is a platformer submitted for a recent four color competition held by Retro Remakes recently. Press the left control key to jump, and use the arrow keys to move the falafel around.

There's a special collectible to be found in this game and at least one boss encounter to reward the brave, among other surprises.

Additional files/mirrors

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A Small World
Joep Aben, JaJPlatformer1.16 MBCurrently unavailable

A Small World is a short platformer game by JaJ, featuring the standard set of challenges, an obligatory boss fight and one or two secret areas to discover. Save and load game options are included, while your character's health can be restored by drinking from fountains. Press the down arrow key to start a conversation or interact with other objects.

IkikiPlatformer0.46 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Aborin (oldaborin) you have to get a soldier to the teleportation device at the end of each level, which is usually guarded by enemies or barriers that'll electrocute you on contact. The boomerang in your possession can be used to kill enemies or carry bombs from one location to another, and you can wall jump even though you're not wearing any ninja suit.

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Across the Lake
AlexitronPlatformer2.49 MBClick here to download

Across the Lake is a 2D platformer created by Alexitrón, featuring a good mix of action segments and puzzle elements to vary the gameplay experience for all players. The project has already been abandoned by the developer, although there are still two playable stages and a full dungeon to explore in the final release build of the game.


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Hempuli, Arvi TeikariPlatformer1.05 MBClick here to download

Addicsjon is another experimental project by the developer of G-E-N-E-R-I-C and FallOver, where you are in control of a drug addict who automatically tries to collect any pills he sees. Your objective is basically to guide him towards the white flag in each of the five levels included, although that can prove to be difficult as the protagonist doesn't really feel like cooperating with the player at all.

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YrrPlatformer1.32 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Aftermath is a 2D platformer created by Yrr, in which you're stranded on a crater with a broken missile that needs repair for it to fly again. Thus begins your adventure into the caverns, in search of coins and rocket parts to complete your escape plan.

The save game feature is rather erratic, and backtracking can be a real pain at times, but Aftermath proves to be a promising debut release from Yrr that is quite fun to play too. You can press the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode.

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Aggressive Sokoban
nemu90kWwPlatformer4.20 MBClick here to download

The concept of Aggresive Sokoban is a mix of it's namesake and some platformer elements, in which your character has to place all the crates on marked areas before time runs out.

Press the Z key to jump, and use the shift key to lift a box. Objects can be thrown or stacked as a temporary staircase.

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