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Space Funeral  
thecatamitesRPG45.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

A departure from his usual AGS offerings, Stephen's Space Funeral is a role-playing game created using the RPG Maker engine. The story is about a man named Phillip, who is on a journey to reach a place called the City of Forms.

You get to recruit only one travelling companion during the entire adventure, meaning that there is very little party management and individual character stats to worry about here. The exercise of grinding for experience is also kept to a minimum, and you can beat the final boss even before either of your party members reach level twenty or above.

The game takes about two hours to play from start to end, but you have to remind yourself to save often because there are no inns or checkpoints to record your progress for you. Should the random encounters becomes tedious over time, players can also use the auto option to have battles resolved for them automatically.

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Ian SnyderPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Feign is a clever maze game that is similar to Mike Inel's Where and Hazard: The Journey of Life, in which players are instructed to find the nine missing people who have hid themselves inside a network of rooms and corridors. If you lose count of how many people you have found, standing still in one spot will cause a text that displays your current progress to appear on screen.

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Streemerz 2: Godspeed Towards Oblivion
(mature content, nudity)
The Podunkian, Arthur LeePlatformer13.7 MBClick here to download

Streemerz 2: Godspeed Towards Oblivion is a direct sequel to Arthur Lee's Streemerz remake, created for the Indie Kombat game development challenge that includes developers Chevy Ray (who dropped out) and Sophie Houlden (with her submission UnderPogo).

This time around Superb Joe is called upon to answer a distress signal from Streemerz Command, which means he has to revisit the original location where Master Y was last defeated by our flamboyant neon-coloured hero. To sum it up, Streemerz 2 is a very short game that combines elements from Sophie, Arthur and Chevy's most popular works, with an extra helping of crude humor that Mr. Podunkian is notoriously famous for.

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Endurion, Georg RottensteinerPuzzle14.5 MBClick here to download

Babel is a puzzle platformer that is inspired by Polytron Corporation's Fez, featuring a flattened 3D world which can be rotated to find new ways to advance. Your objective here is to find all diamonds in a stage to activate the teleport and get to the next stage.

Use the action key to read signs, talk to old men, pickup and put down items, or unlock doors (when carrying a key).

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PeposoftPlatformer206 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Gigadeep is a new 2D platformer from the developer of Houkaimura (Breaking Town) and MinishoterRS, created in the style of Capcom's Mega Man Zero series. Peposoft's game features eight standard levels (plus two side stages), upgrades that can be purchased from the shop, boss abilities to add to your repertoire of skills, and unlockable characters that play differently from one another.

Though this collaborative project looks incredibly impressive for a freeware release, there are a couple of glitches and game-breaking bugs here that could seriously ruin your enjoyment of it. Playing it on easy doesn't help that much either, since death is instantaneous every time you accidentally touch a row of spikes (you can use the anchor shot ability to break them though).

The jump upgrade should be the first thing you purchase from the shop, and more abilities can be unlocked by collecting the secret research notes that you find throughout your mission. If you receive a pxPlay.mfx error while trying to start a game, placing a msvcr71.dll in your Windows/System folder should solve that particular problem for you.

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Snakes of Avalon
Igor Hardy, Alex van der Wijst, Thomas ReginAdventure63.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Snakes of Avalon is a dark comedy point and click adventure game about alcoholic incapacitation and people obsessed with murdering their other half. It mixes the style and atmosphere of Hitchcock suspense films with surreal event inspired by the best of cult trippy movies.

The game features countless hallucinations, a tragic story of love between a man and a fish, constantly changing environment, time-travel and classy Jazz recordings.

Additional files/mirrors

Garden Gnome Carnage Flash
Daniel RemarAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Originally released as a Windows-only game back in late 2007, Daniel Remar's Garden Gnome Carnage has been ported to the Flash platform by Ludosity Interactive for distribution on casual game portals. The objective here is to prevent elves from reaching the top of the building and sliding down your unprotected chimney hole, since the game is over when you're too overwhelmed to prevent that from happening.

Your means of defense include swinging a gnome tied to your chimney to knock back the invaders, throwing bricks at anything that moves, and calling in airstrikes to carpet bomb the entire area for a few seconds of respite. Note that the only way to defeat elves who carry gifts is to knock them out of the screen, and your brick supply is replenished if you allow a cat into the building through the chimney.

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MooD: Waist-High in Hell
Benjamin BradenAction/Arcade6.12 MBClick here to download
(external link)

MooD: Waist-High in Hell is a top-down shooter that features enemies from the Doom 3 universe, redrawn by Amon26 as minute but recognisable 2D sprites for the players to shoot at. The game features both a single-player campaign and a hotseat deathmatch mode, although you can't strafe nor change the frag win count which is set to twenty by default.

Our space marine starts out with a plain pistol in hand to use for defense, but enemies do drop weapons and medkits often enough when they are defeated. Some of the guns that you can acquire include a shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, and the infamous BFG weapon.

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My First Quantum Translocator
Rete, Kenny Lee, Teddy Lee, Cellar Door GamesPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

My First Quantum Translocator is a clever puzzle platformer that is centered around the concept of teleportation and inertia, created by the two brothers (Teddy and Kenny Lee of Cellar Door Games) who first came into the spotlight with their quirky text adventure game Don't Soil Your Pants. You play as an unnamed test subject that had just applied for a translocator device experiment, helped along by an observer named Steve who offers advice on how to survive the challenges ahead with your newfound teleportation ability.

Every so often you will come across a perpetual pinwheel that can be put into motion to save your progress, and a level skip option will appear if you're stuck on a particular stage for long enough. There's even a video walkthrough available online to help you beat the game, although you'll be losing out on the satisfaction of solving a difficult puzzle if you resort to it needlessly.

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SasakogeAction/Arcade0.49 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Camelon is a 2D arcade game in which you have to help the disembodied head of a creature collect every heart in each level, all the while trying to avoid a collision with spikes or other enemies.

Moving the protagonist around requires tilting the entire screen left or right, so that the effects of gravity are shifted in your favour. Some enemies may be affected by changes in the orientation of a stage, but most are anchored to their initial spots or are able to travel freely inside the room.

You're not completely defenseless against these creatures either. In your arsenal is an indestructible umbrella that can be utilized as a weapon for knocking out many of the enemies that you will encounter (but not all). The parasol is also useful for repositioning yourself or reducing the speed of your descent while floating in mid-air.

There are only twenty-four levels to play in total, and your progress is automatically saved every time a stage is successfully beaten.

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