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Ultimate Bruce Lee
Trevor Storey, Stuart Collier, Chris NunnAction/Arcade27.4 MBClick here to download

Ultimate Bruce Lee is a remake of the Commodore 64 platformer with updated graphics, new gameplay modes, unlockable extras, and the original 1984 release recreated faithfully to please fans of all things retro. You assume control over the legendary martial arts master on a quest to retrieve the elixir of immortality hidden deep inside a wizard's fortress. This will involve collecting lanterns, jumping over traps and defeating numerous evil minions as you make your way from one room to another.

Use the cursor keys to move, duck and jump. Press the Z key to strike at an enemy. Collect all lanterns from the first three screens to reveal a hidden passage to the next area.


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BabarageoStrategyBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Nicemetal is a tower defense game with an interesting gimmick, originally created by babarageo for distribution at Comiket 76. There are a number of unmanned defensive structures in each map, and you have to send out soldiers to operate them for a short amount of time before they'd return back to base.

Enemy robots will attempt to break through your defense, so it is just a question of managing your limited resources and destroying your adversaries before they reach the front gates. Your troops can only move in a straight line, and an enemy robot will have no hesitation when it comes to crushing them with their feet if the two ever meet.

You'll have to skip two cutscenes first before access to stage one is given at the main menu. There are six levels to play in total.

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Underside, The  
The Podunkian, Arthur LeePlatformer7.76 MBClick here to download

The Underside is an exploration-based action platformer in the vein of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and Cave Story. However, unlike most other games in this genre, the gameplay is driven more by plot than by free-roaming exploration.

Graphics and engine are completely original. The plot revolves around a character named Ip who must escape from the underside, and prevent the world from being destroyed while he's at it. Characters, plot strands, and dialogue are heavily inspired by Earthbound, and are quirky, whimsical, and sometimes a little strange as well.

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Pyramid, The  
Pug Fugly Games, Chris RoperShoot 'em up3.82 MBClick here to download

In The Pyramid, your objective is to guide a protective capsule through the corridors of a pyramid while shooting at any object with the intent to harm. Sacrifice your enemies to the level guardian to open a new passage in each room.

A pretty good remake by Chris Roper, with nothing less than four control options made available to the player. Plenty of additional accessibility functions have been included, such as a difficulty setting, an autofire toggle, display modes, everything but the kitchen sink apparently. Having a monster book to record your previous encounters with the denizens of the sacred tomb is a very nice touch as well.

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Damien ClarkePuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Bloxorz is a puzzle game which involves shuffling a piece of block across a suspended maze. The objective is basically to get the block to fall through a square hole at the end of each stage, all the while trying to avoid falling off the edges.

The player will be introduced to switches, bridges, tiles which responds to different pressures and even teleporters to complicate matters. Later on, smaller blocks are introduced to increase the overall difficulty of each puzzle.

There are thirty-three stages to complete.

Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre
Manning Krull, Patrick VernonAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre is an action platformer where you play any of the three members from the French rock band, determined make it to the venue of their own gig before time runs out. Every character has at least one special skill at their disposal, and you'll be required to switch between them occasionally to overcome some of the obstacles that stand in your path to fame and fortune.

The game won't take longer than a couple of minutes to beat, which is probably a good thing considering how repetitive the background music can be and the rather obvious lack of variety in the gameplay department. You can also access three additional characters to play with by starting a new game, then pressing the left shift key and N at the same time.

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Mr ColossalAdventure5.74 MBClick here to download

Automation is a winner of the first One Room One Week Competition, in which all entries are small games made in a relatively short period. The story is centered around a bloke who met an accident while transporting a rather expensive droid, and must attempt to recover his experiment back in one piece or risk losing his job.

The kick command yields some interesting actions when used on certain objects. Most puzzles are logical though some items require a bit of pixel-hunting.

Mr Colossal was also the developer of 6 Day Assassin, winner of two AGS awards.

Jason RohrerPuzzle1.28 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Perfectionism is the first of many games to be published together with Jason Rohrer's monthly column for The Escapist. This new project was created using Game Maker, and will only work on PCs with the Windows operating system installed.

The rules are simple enough. Click on two rows or columns to swap yellow blocks. Points are scored by placing the blocks inside hollow squares. Only rows can be swapped with rows, and likewise with columns. Browse levels by clicking on the green arrows located at the bottom of the screen. A penalty of one point is incurred whenever the player is flipping through any of the twenty-six stages in the game.

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Team Height AdvantageAction/Arcade23.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Subsonic is a 2D stealth game in which you play as a test subject for Subsonic Inc., an organization that deals with the research of high-tech equipment and top secret technology. Each level is populated by guards who will attempt to apprehend you on sight, although they tend to give up the chase easily when you quickly find cover behind a wall or crawl into an air duct for safety.

In most rooms you will be presented with a selection of guns to pick up. The blue gun emits soundwaves that can distract guards, while the red ones are useful for shattering glass. The white-coloured gun can mask the sound from your footsteps, so that players are able to sneak past an unsuspecting guard looking the other way for intruders. The game is divided two parts, a tutorial and a campaign, although there are only six levels to play in the campaign mode.

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Planet Cruncher
Rock Solid ArcadeAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In Planet Cruncher, players have to draw shapes around planets to earn points. Hold the left mouse button to begin drawing, and collect gems by touching them with the mouse pointer. Mismatching planets will cause a black hole to appear, but can be erased by drawing a circle around it.

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