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i'minlikewithyouAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Tracism is essentially a remake of Pac-Man with a couple of new features such as multiplayer, chat and a waiting lobby. In it, players race to change the color of dots around a maze to their own, all the while attempting to hinder others from doing the same.

Press the space key to drop a bomb, which can be used to destroy other ships, take out ghosts and turn the color of dots in the vicinity to match yours. You can carry up to a maximum of three bombs at any time. Each match lasts for exactly one minute.

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Scourge, The
(mature content)
Akith GamesAction/Arcade17.3 MBClick here to download

The Scourge is a survival horror game taking place in a presumably empty house over the course of one night, represented as five minutes' worth of action-oriented gameplay. You start off with no weapons, but will soon be presented with the choice of a shotgun or uzi to defend yourself from the endless hordes of zombies out to eat your flesh.

Use the W, A, S, D or cursor keys to move, and hold the left mouse button to shoot.

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Feather Raid
Ichigo-CitronShoot 'em up11.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Feather Raid is an excellent shooter featuring a power-up system much like the one employed by Konami's Gradius series. There are no lives but your character is able to take several hits, indicated by the HP gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. Your HP can be increased by completing levels and gaining experience points.

Hold down the Z key to shoot and press the X key to activate a power-up. Tap the left shift to launch the cyclone attack, although it requires a recharge after each use.

Nathan McCoyAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Dragondot is an action RPG in which you play as a dragon that can only claw at its adversaries at first, but will gain new and improved abilities whenever it gains enough experience to level up. Area bonuses are awarded if you manage to keep all kobolds in the room alive while slaying all of your enemies.

A browser capable of running Java applets is required to play this game.

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Cactus Arcade  
(mature content, nudity)
cactusAction/Arcade45.7 MBClick here to download

Cactus Arcade is a fifty-megabyte collection of games handpicked by cactus as a showcase piece for his body of work. The zip file contains seventeen games in total: Burn the Trash, Clean Asia!, Fractal Fighter, Space, God Came to the Cave, Illegal Communication, Minubeat, Mondo Agency, Mondo Medicals, MSOIDS, Protoganda, Psychosomnium, Retro II, Seizuredome, Shotgun Ninja, The Design and xWUNG. This pack was released on the 15th of February 2008.

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That Night Before Act 4
Scurvyliver EntertainmentAdventure2.74 MBClick here to download

That Night Before Act 4 ends the series with a bang. If you've played and enjoyed the first three episodes, the final chapter will not disappoint.

Expect more funny encounters and situations that will leave you in stitches. It's quite unfortunate that the adventure has to end, although it does provide a satisfying ending and closure.

FuseballPuzzle11.4 MBClick here to download

Zoomines is a new release that uses sprites from the popular Flash online game, Zoo Keeper, with the familiar gameplay system seen in Mizuguchi's masterpiece. Blocks are moved around using the arrow keys, whilez pressing the A or D key will rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

This version uses hi-res sprites and backgrounds coupled with smooth framerates. The music is pretty good as well. Available for both Windows and Mac.

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Rat Cave
JTRAction/Arcade4.84 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Rat Cave is a new exploration game by the author of Death Worm. Take control of the protagonist as he enters a network of caves to find the mythic beast and slay it. This could prove to be slightly tricky as you're only allowed to carry four arrows on your noble mission.

Press the F1 function key to display the instructions. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move your character, then left click to shoot an arrow. Simply walk over an arrow to retrieve them. Canteens can be refilled by pressing the space key when a water source is found.

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DevlSoftAction/Arcade1.05 MBClick here to download

Losted is a decent four color Robotron: 2084 variation by DevlSoft, featuring ten levels worth of action with a boss waiting at the end. A nice diversion for at least a couple of minutes.

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RezetiAShoot 'em up53.4 MBClick here to download

Pladzma is a shooter developed by RezetiA which features no power-ups to collect. In it's place is a shop that sells weapon upgrades provided that you have the credits to finance your purchases.

The download size is rather huge but the game itself only showcases two levels with boss encounters at the end of each. Click on the first picture to download the trial version, and unzip by using the free 7-Zip software.

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