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Tom BeaumontShoot 'em up0.98 MBClick here to download

Kamiha is a vertical shooter consisting of two stages, with bullet patterns reminiscent of the ones found in Cave's earlier releases. Options can be used as bombs by holding down the X key, while tapping the same button releases your smart bomb at the expense of all your options.

Use the cursor keys to move your ship, and press the Z key to shoot. Options automatically regenerate when the X key is not held down.

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Skinz Sudoku
SuperpanicPuzzle2.01 MBClick here to download

Skinz Sudoku is a sudoku clone for the DS, with multiple difficulty settings and a very useful touch interface which should please fans of the logic-based number puzzler. An undo feature is included, and pressing the select button swaps the skin to match your visual preferences.

Additional files/mirrors

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kuniAction/Arcade0.21 MBClick here to download

Spout is a small application featuring gameplay elements from Thrust but with a small twist which makes the experience completely different from most cavefliers. Fumes from your ship can be used to destroy your surroundings, though the resulting effect does cause the craft to move in the opposite direction.

The aim of the game is to head towards the top of the screen continuously and gain precious time extensions by breaking through the line indicators. An executable file is located inside the SDL folder.

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Kenta Cho, ABA GamesShoot 'em up5.24 MBClick here to download

Gunroar is a vertical shooter created by Kenta Cho, where players assume control over a ship on a mission to sink as many enemy ships as they can for scoring purposes.

There are four play modes on offer, including one which allows you to steer two ships at the same time. You can switch between a concentrated shot or spread fire by alternating between the Z and X key. Move your ship closer to the top of the screen to travel upstream faster. Mouse mode is recommended for players who do not own a dual analog joypad, since it offers enough flexibility in directing your weapon aim.

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Dinner Date
(demo, mature content)
Jeroen StoutAdventure112 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Dinner Date you play as the subconsciousness of Julian Luxemburg, waiting for his date to arrive. You listen in on his thoughts while tapping the table, looking at the clock and eventually reluctantly starting to eat. Dinner Date is the portrait of Julian: from his desires and doubts to reflections on his friends and his place in the world. You are not merely witnessing - by interacting with Julian and his world you gain a clear vantage point on his life.

The wait for the beautiful girl he invited over becomes longer and she becomes the dominant factor in his thoughts. And yet his true problems may not even begin with the girl. In Dinner Date you will experience all this: with some drinks, some bread, some soup - and with a clock that slowly mocks the constant wait for when she comes, this elusive girl who will solve everything.

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UnderDog ProductionsPuzzle16.2 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Spherious is a decent puzzler by UnderDog Productions, a team consisting of DigiPen students. It plays a bit like an arcade classic entitled Money Puzzle Exchanger, in which a sphere changes color when other similarly colored spheres are placed in the same line.

The number of spheres required for each transformation is inscribed on each sphere. You can rotate a block of four spheres at any time, and green spheres will disappear when six of them are placed in a straight line.

The playing field can be rotated by moving the target past the sides of each edge. Spheres can be levelled by pressing the D key, although you will lose some health in the process. An original idea with plenty of potential.

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Richard JordanAction/Arcade3.07 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The plot of Zub involves navigating through ten different planets to find the lost Eye of Zub. Each planet is connected to some others by a system of teleports. You start on planet 1 and must get to planet 10 and back.

There are platforms on each screen, when you stand on one you can move it by crouching and pushing left or right. Use the platforms to get up to the three teleports at the top, your destination depending on which you choose. There is always at least one alien on screen at any one time, which descends from the top and attempts to knock you off the platforms.

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Antony LavellePlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Shift is a platformer with puzzle elements based on the idea of shifting dimensions, not unlike one of Nitrome's controversial release from last year. Use the cursor keys to move your character, and press the space key to jump. The left shift key can be used to switch positions.

The game is rather short, but an online high score table which tracks players with the quickest completion time has been included to increase replayability by a small measure.

YamaharaPuzzle13.9 MBClick here to download

Monos is a puzzle game with Tetris-style controls and irregular coloured shapes for the players to place inside a well. The level count increases by one for every ten shapes cleared from the screen, and there are a total of fifty levels to play regardless of the difficulty setting chosen.

Your objective is basically to match two or more blocks of the same colour to remove them. The Z and X keys can be used to rotate the current piece in play. Press up to place a block at the bottom of the well immediately, or hold the down arrow key to move it downwards at a slower pace.

In the percent gameplay mode, players are given random shapes to fill a well with. The more shapes you can fit in, the higher your percentage count will be at the end of the game.

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Corporate Climber
Pixeljam GamesAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In Corporate Climber you play as a working man who is trying to get to the top of the corporate ladder, having started his first job without even a piece of clothing to his name. To climb to the top of the building you would have to reach the elevator that takes you to the next level, and every new floor presents a different challenge or another puzzle for the player to solve.

Death is unavoidable and happens rather frequently in this game, but your onscreen character is usually up and ready for his next try just a split second after being burnt, poisoned, bitten, or crushed by another deviously-placed trap in his way. Extra points can be scored by finishing a floor quickly without getting hurt or finding one of the numerous secrets hidden in every room, although most players are more likely to be concerned with just making it to the end of their journey with as little frustration as possible.

The game takes about half an hour or so to beat on your first try, but you can close the browser window and resume playing later by using the handy level skip option (found in the main menu screen). There is no difficulty setting to fiddle with, so you'll need to have quite a bit of patience, persistence and perseverance if you want to reach that last room and beat the final challenge.

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