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Tower of Heaven Flash  
Askiisoft, Tadakuni Amano, Dave Zhang, Miroslav MaleševićPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Tower of Heaven is a monochromatic 2D platformer that features eleven levels to play through, originally released by Askiisoft in 2009 as a Windows-only game. This Flash port contains new musical arrangements, achievements, and a level creation system that unfortunately can only be accessed after you've beaten the game once (first-time players are allowed to import levels though).

There are now three secret locations to find (the original had two), and discovering all of them will reward you with a slightly extended ending to watch.

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Klass KroonPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Vexed is a remake of a similarly titled puzzle game originally written by James McCombe for PalmOS.

Your goal is to move similar blocks together, which causes them to disappear. Once all the blocks are gone, you've solved the level and you're presented with a new level to solve.

You move blocks by putting the mouse pointer on them and dragging to either the right or left. If an empty space is encountered, gravity takes over and the blocks fall towards the bottom.

The Vexed scoring is based on a golf-like 'par' concept. The level pack has a solution stored for each level. If you solve the level in the same number of moves as what is stored in the level pack, you get a score of 0, or par, for that level. Note that the stored solution may not be the most efficient one, so it's possible to beat 'par' and acquire a negative score.

The score displayed to the top right is a cumulative score for the entire level pack. Using the solution feature adds five to your score.

BowserPlatformer12.7 MBClick here to download

Purple is a platform game created by Bowser, creator of the Colorblind FIX series and one of the GM community veterans. In it, you're supposed to use a frisbee to hurt enemies or break colored blocks. Both jump and throw frisbee actions have multiple keys mapped to each.

There are over twenty-five levels to explore, split between six different worlds.


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Neon 2
Ali MaunderShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Neon 2 is a rather bland Geometry Wars clone playable using only your internet browser, which is where most of it's problem lies. The frame rate is poor and common dual analog controls have been replaced with a mouse and keyboard combination.

The worst part of the game is spawn points. Enemies tend to appear right underneath your ship, a pattern that happens a little too frequently for any enjoyment to be had.

Additional files/mirrors

PeposoftShoot 'em up8.05 MBClick here to download
(external link)

MinishoterRS is a horizontal shooter by Peposoft which features multiple ships to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses in combat. Hold or tap the Z key rapidly to alternate between your ship's primary and secondary weapons. Use the X key to activate a temporary speed boost, handy for dodging bullets or reaching a certain spot on screen quickly. Press the F2 function key to cancel a selection or exit a game in progress at any time.

This release boasts more than ten stages, with different routes to undertake and end level bosses to defeat. Press the Alt and enter key to switch between full screen and windowed mode, or use the Q, W and E keys for the same effect. Additional omake bonuses are unlocked when you have beaten the game and fulfilled certain conditions.

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Duty and Beyond  
Wandering AdventuresAdventure4.25 MBClick here to download

Duty and Beyond is an AGS effort which took Wandering Adventures three months to develop, and much like Gamma Bros it features characters and objects made out of small pixel counts. You assume the role of Piet the pizza delivery guy on a quest to earn some additional pocket money during his working hours. A peculiar order takes him to a mysterious mansion with the owner nowhere to be found.

Additional files/mirrors

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Fig. 8
Mike Boxleiter, Greg WohlwendAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Fig. 8 is a short arcade game by Intuition Games in which you control a bike, scoring points and navigating around drawings of technical diagrams on white space. The front wheel of the bicycle draws a red line, while the back wheel creates a blue one. The score multiplier increases whenever you keep these two lines aligned. There are some other ways to score points as well (grazing a technical diagram, for example).

You can draw a circle around checkpoint markers to save, and if you crash your bike into a diagram you will automatically resume the game from the last checkpoint location circled.

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IkikiAction/Arcade0.63 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Firearms is a top-down shooter that plays rather similarly to Hakaiman, where players have to help a lone commando infiltrate an enemy base and kill the enemies within. Some of the weapons that you can collect from defeated adversaries include the standard handgun, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns and even a rocket launcher that can be used to break walls apart.

The game features only two levels to play.

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Chris NimmoAction/Arcade5.42 MBClick here to download

Uchuusen (Spaceship) is an arcade game that puts you in control of a ship with two rockets attached to each side, and by selectively activating the thrusters you can navigate around tight corridors and obstacles in this twenty-level challenge. Fire both thrusters and the ship will float upwards, and collect the shiny yellow objects to unlock the portal to the next area.

It takes roughly fifteen minutes to half an hour to beat all of the stages included, and at the end of the game you will be presented with a results screen charting the total time and retries attempted.


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Nameless Roguelike
HexedianRPGBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Nameless Roguelike is an entry level roguelike game, where enemies are represented by alphabets while items are shown as special symbols or quotation marks. Press the question mark or slash key to access the shortcut list. Press a directional arrow key when next to an enemy to attack it. Use the O or C key to operate doors, shown as a brown symbol. Bodies of water represented by blue tiles cannot be crossed.

Press the W or P key to equip a weapon or armor. Your equipment is always ordered in such a way that the item at the end of the list will be the most powerful one you'll have in posession. Use the greater than or less than symbols to ascend and descend staircases. Press the Q key to drink a potion, or use the T key to throw an item at an enemy.

Hold '5' on the numeric keypad to rest for a couple of turns, and tap the E key to consume some food. Press the space key to grab an item off the floor. Players unfamiliar with roguelikes can begin the adventure with a human or construct from the warrior class, with a focus on strength and potions of healing as their starting equipment to increase their chances of survival in the dungeons.

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